Microsoft Lumia 650 Review – Powerful Cheap Smartphone

Microsoft Lumia 650

Completing phones offer with Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft Lumia 650 represents significant progress towards Lumia phones to this date, colored plastic leaving place of one brushed metal surface, more compact and more stylish than we hoped to meet in this area prices.


On first impression, is even better looking than the high-end versions Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Microsoft Lumia 650 takes some of the features of the most popular phones based on Android, providing a housing surprisingly thin and light, the designs for alternate surfaces skin rubber, glass and polished metal. The only design element reminiscent of the old Lumia, polycarbonate cover can be easily removed by the user, exposing the battery compartment or microSIM and microSD slot card.

Contributing to a good first-impression, Lumia 650 welcomes us with a AMOLED screen displaying the Windows 10 interface vibrant, contrasting well on black colored casing. Its 720p is not very big, but about the diagonal of 5.0" we have nothing to reproach, density of 297 ppi is sufficient to capture the finest details and pictures.

Microsoft Lumia 650 - Technical Details

Screen: 5", 1280x720 AMOLED
OS: Windows 10 Mobile
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 212
Processor: ARM Cortex-A7, 1.3GHz quad-core
GPU: Adreno 304
Memory: 16GB
Card: MicroSD, 200GB max
WiFi: 802.11b/g/n
Camera: 8MP, autofocus, F/2.2, LED flash
Video shooting: 720p
Front Camera: 5MP
Battery: 2000mAh
Dimensions: 142x70.9x6.9mm
Weight: 122grams

Starting from the idea that the Windows 10 Mobile platform is sufficiently well optimized, Microsoft chose for the Lumia 650 a configuration that would seem modest to a phone based on Android, powered by a chipset entry-level series Snapdragon 212, helped with just 1GB RAM. The recipe is complete with 16GB internal memory, an 8MP camera with lens f/2.2 and LED flash, front camera of 5MP respectively. Microsoft Lumia 650 offers LTE connectivity Cat. 4 supporting mobile internet connections at speeds up to 150Mbps (download). All this is backed up with a battery of 2000mAh.

Microsoft Lumia 650 2


Windows Phone operating system has always been praised for its fluidity and environmental graphics for modest hardware requirements and Mobile Windows 10 does not disappoint. A less important aspect for an expensive and powerful mobile, good optimization software platform is essential for a cheap phone with anemic hardware. And if the experience offered by an Android phone in this price range is invariably disappointing, Lumia 650 is doing well in everyday use.

It is understood that the Lumia 650 cannot provide fluidity as a flagship Lumia 950 model, but this is not the aspect that makes the difference. Take, for example its 720p resolution, or less demanding AMOLED screen. Comparing phones based on Android or iOS, a detail perhaps more oppressive is a poor participation of app developers, the offer of Windows Store being rather modest.


Slim, stylish, lightweight but yet solid and well blended, Lumia 650 offers an experience quite different from what we encountered at Lumia phones so far. Sticky and rear casing with metal frame cut at right angles it sits well in your hands, abandoning youthful design with colorful plastic surfaces for one more geared to the business environment can be considered an evolution in the right direction. However, the budget did not allow the use of a special premium level, sidebands metal plastic housing is applied only for decoration. The illusion for a premium design is maintained using buttons Power/Volume also made of metal or Gorilla Glass 3 that takes the whole front of the phone.

On a cover of only 6.9mm thick to fit a standard headphone jack 3.5 mm and a microUSB connector. Instead of using a tray-site accessible from outside, the slots for SIM/microSD can be found under the removable cover, the manufacturer reducing this way the manufacturing cost.

Weighing only 122grams, Microsoft Lumia 650 is much easier than we expect from a smartphone with screen of 5". Apparently, ideal for everyday use, Lumia 650 features a screen illuminated and easily readable under direct sunlight. Using OLED technology is an important asset for a budget smartphone, but in this case Microsoft chose a compromise solution, using a Pen Tile matrix less expensive than commonly used RGB solutions.

Stability connection to the telephone network poses no problems, and calls are clearly heard in audio headset. Similarly, noise-canceling microphone function is doing a good work in areas with ambient noise.


Despite the entry-level configuration, Lumia 650 is not making wonders with its 2000mAh battery, offering little more than two days of operation in normal use, with Internet access through WiFi and 4G.

Even so, the result is acceptable, that many more expensive Android phones can't match without resorting to aggressive settings for conserving battery power.


Microsoft's announcement of restricting Lumia phones supply seems to have a positive effect on the quality of those remaining in the race, Lumia 650 product performing surprisingly well, considering its price of about 220$.

Presented in a plastic and metal housing that manages to impress with suppleness and elegance, Microsoft Lumia 650 is a choice you cannot go wrong if you are looking for an affordable smartphone based on Windows 10 Mobile. Compared with Lumia 640 predecessor, the new model offers a large AMOLED screen, doubles the internal memory and offers a much improved exterior design.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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