iPhone 7 Plus Review – Apple’s Latest Offering

iPhone 7 Plus Review

All major tech companies launched new devices all throughout 2016, but one of them stands out the most. Apple is the company that managed to take the market by storm during the last year. The reason behind this is that Apple has been quite active launching a complete new iPhone lineup and a brand new MacBook Pro.

The US based tech giant took the market by storm back in September, 2016 when it launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. In fact, iPhone 7 Plus is considered as a top contender to receive the title as the all around best smartphone of 2016. While it has been quite successful in terms of sales, the device’s design raised a bit of controversy. What happened was that Apple decided to use the same design it used with the older iPhone 6S. Nonetheless, today we’re going to look over iPhone 7 Plus’ design, display and hardware performance and see if it’s a good purchase.

iPhone 7 Plus: Design and Display

As previously mentioned, the smartphone looks quite similar to iPhone 6S. The reason behind this is that it uses a similar 5.5 inch 1080 display. The panel features the same round edges and slim bezels iPhone 6S uses. The only difference we can see are that iPhone 7 Plus has a different antenna line pattern and that it doesn’t feature the classic 3.5mm audio jack.

Leaving similarities aside, what makes iPhone 7Plus stand out the most in terms of design is that it comes in a new jet black color option. This new color looks completely amazing. It has been polished to the point that it resembles a mirror. There is one big downside to it though, fingerprints tend to stick to it.

Additionally, the biggest design change Apple has made to iPhone 7 Plus is that it removed the headphone jack. This raised a lot of controversy, especially since customers are required to bundle their device with a complete new set of wireless AirPods. One big concern customers had is that these headphones can be lost really easy. Well, Apple answered this by launching a new app that helps track them. Similar to the way the find my iPhone app works.

iPhone 7 Plus Review 2

iPhone 7 Plus: Hardware Performance

This is the most important department customers need to take in consideration when deciding if they should acquire a new smartphone. Smartphones have become quite an essential aspect of our everyday lives and owning a high performing one is rather important. With that being said, let’s take a look under iPhone 7 Plus’ hood and see what we can find.

Apple equipped the device with its latest A10 Fusion chip. The performance A10 Fusion is able to provide is quite impressive. The reason why A10 Fusion is so powerful is because it has four processor cores. These cores have been designed especially to prevent the device from draining the battery. Two of them run at high speeds while the other two are used for more basic tasks such as checking for new emails when the device is asleep. Worth mentioning is that the new A10 Fusion chipset is able to run 3D games at high resolution without dropping any FPS. iPhone 7 Plus’s chipset has been put to test on Geekbench 4 and it scored 5,507 points.

As previously mentioned, the processor has been optimized to help enhance the device’s battery life. Additionally, because iPhone 7 Plus uses a big display Apple was able to install a large 2,900 mAh battery. This battery has been enhanced to last for days on end even under mixed usage such as HD video streaming.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. Dhiraj Rajguru February 5, 2017

    biggest design change Apple has made to iPhone

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  4. Hey, this is amazing, but i think i will wait to the next year to buy new iphone, there is much hype with the 10th aniversary of iphone, and i think they are gonna make something spectacular. What do you think about?

  5. Apple Is At The Top Of Its Game Especially 7 🙂

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    I phone 7 Is Wonderful Smart Phone I like it..

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    la belleza de estos ipone 7 es espectacular es lo mejor en tegnologia

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    Achei que no novo iPhone 7 só mudou a cor mesmo

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    awersome and nice

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    It's Beautiful The iPhone 7 Plus. Great Review

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    iphone 7 plus is good specification.

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