iPhone 6S Review – A Great Phone For Everyone’s Pockets

iPhone 6S, Apple, Review

iPhone 6S does not bring many things in addition to the previous model, but has repaired some of the most important issues.

Not few were those who claimed that the iPhone 6 is the most beautiful phone ever made. Indeed, in terms of design, the Cupertino company has outdone itself. Curved edges and larger screen have contributed significantly to the sale of tens of millions of devices. Unfortunately, the list of specifications was not that impressive. Specifically, the performances were not much above those offered by the iPhone 5S model.

Things are different in the case of the iPhone 6S. Yes, at first glance, it looks like an iPhone 6. You'll notice first that is 0.2 millimeters thick, in the best case you'll notice a difference in weight between the two terminals, the real change, however, are those found in the 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1,330 x 750 pixels.


As we've mentioned earlier, in terms of design we see major changes, iPhone 6S is as thick as an iPhone 6 Plus and 14 grams heavier than the iPhone 6. From our point of view, there are two things that will give others to understand that you have the latest Apple phone. The first one is, obviously, the "S" from the back, and the second is the color. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are the first phones available in a "rose gold".

The display is the same that we've met on iPhone 6. With a 750p resolution, it meets standards "Retina" imposed in previous years. Probably the most experienced users will be shocked that a phone so expensive only offer HD resolution, given that much cheaper models enjoy Full HD screens. Where other peaks range passed 500 pixels per inch, the people at Apple did not include more than 326.

But do not be misled by such features. The display is quite clear, colors are reproduced well, and by day, you will not have problems with brightness. Unfortunately, control brightness control function is among the most successful ones with the risk that at night to be bothered by the intensity of the screen.

iPhone 6S - Pro Points

3D Touch, like Force Touch is able to differentiate between a light touch and a heavier one, which means that the possibilities of interaction with the touchpad increase. The included sensors are working with a "Taptic Engline", a device that creates movement in a straight line. It detects any kind of oppression and generate feedback for the user to know that it was recorded.

3D Touch is one of the most important changes coming with the new phone. Although we do not find something that could revolutionize the way we interact with the phone there were some situations that helped us. When surfing the internet, "Peek" and "Pop" are two features that improve the experience. If you press hard on the link you will see a preview of the page to which you will be redirected. To visit it, you must press hard on the screen.

iPhone 6S, Apple, Review 2

Preview is also available in emails where you will save a lot of time when viewing numerous messages. In addition, some apps on the main screen are used for 3D Touch. At first there were only the native, but over time, companies like Facebook and Shazam have included support for 3D Touch in their applications.

Main camera on the iPhone 6S is the first to benefit from 12 megapixel picture quality, largely the same that we saw at its predecessor.

Selfies, however, are much better and the impact of the camera of 5 megapixels (which comes with flash) is visible. This is not a flash in the true sense (does not occupy space on the front of the phone), but is a clever way Apple uses the phone screen.

Live Photos is an interesting addition. Now, every time you take a picture, the phone will record a short video, it will be seen every time you browse the photos or strongly press on an image using your 3D Touch.

In low light, the camera is doing remarkable images taken very clear and noiseless. We even made a comparison with OnePlus 2 in such conditions, to convince ourselves upon the sensor quality.

The performances are given, mostly by the A9 new processor that works this time with 2GB RAM. After so many years, the Cupertino giant has chosen to include 2GB RAM to one of its phones. Navigation in applications is as easy as it was in the past, and extra memory seems to have had a positive impact on the browser.

Although we have a significant upgrade by including a dual-core processor with a frequency of 1,84GHz, Apple changed nothing in the storage chapter. Thus, while the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S6 has 32GB, iPhone 6S is still available in a 16GB version.

iPhone 6S - Against Points

Battery life is among the worst they've met, but often the phone will endeavor to withstand a full day while we use it. The inclusion of a "taptic engine" for 3D Touch led to a reduction of 5% of the battery capacity of your mobile device. However, Apple claims that the phone has an autonomy range as good as last year's model, thanks to the optimizations included in the update to the newest iOS version.

As some say, the only thing that makes the Apple phone to not lose so much land here to fight with the other flagship is the producers obsession with very high resolutions. A highly useful thing is that iPhone 6S offers information on energy consumption. Thus, you will know exactly what percentage of the total battery consumption is due to a given application, and how much of it was conducted in the foreground and background.

iPhone 6S - Conclusion

"The only thing that has changed is everything" is a slogan a little too bold for such a phone. iPhone 6S is indeed a remarkable phone; probably the best phone on the market for an ordinary user. Includes 3D Touch that makes Internet surfing more pleasant, includes a much better camera and high-performance components. Despite this, it is not good enough to justify an upgrade if you own an iPhone 6. If you have an iPhone 5S, this would be the ideal time for an upgrade.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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    It's a great innovation for iPhone and if the price is at the reach of the ordinary people, I think everyone will like to upgrade.

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