iPhone 5 – The New iPhone Presented by Apple

Last night Apple introduced the iPhone 5 terminal that millions of people around the globe waited with baited breath, but everyone already knew what Apple was going to present. Everything we've seen on the internet through various rumors was presented tonight by Apple, and probably few people were amazed of the innovation behind this device although it is the fruit of many people in Cupertino. iPhone 5 is the largest iPhone ever made, and below I will discuss in detail about it.


The device has a 4 inch screen with 1136 x 640 resolution, has Retina Display with 326 pixels per inch, so we already knew that Apple will include this in it. The screen is specially made to display images and has better saturation with sRGB rendering, so it will be seen as clearly as possible on it. The screen has a 16:9 format and few applications are compatible with it, but the ones from App Store will work and will be displayed in a frame until the developer will update it. Unfortunately Apple has not solved the problem of scaling applications, but developers should quickly update their applications for the new larger screen.


According to rumors published so far, Apple has included an A6 chip in the new iPhone terminal. The chip comes with a processor that is 2 times faster, provides 2 times better graphics performance and certainly can manage more effectively its energy. The chip is 22% smaller, but offers a better range than the iPhone 4S terminal, users benefit of 8 hours of LTE 3G/4G networks, 10 hours for using Wi-Fi networks and 40 hours listening to music. Apple does not say if the new processor is quad-core or dual-core, but I guess we are talking about a dual-core.


Apple decided that iPhone 5 should keep the resolution of 8 megapixels inside, but included a new image sensor that allows us to make better pictures in low light conditions, has lenses composed of five elements, f/2.4 aperture, backside ilumination, hybrid IR filter, low light dynamic mode, a mode that more accurately aligned lenses, a smart filter and spatial noise reduction. Camera records photos 40% faster than the iPhone 4S, and now contains a feature called Panorama.


In the case of its design, Apple has not deviated greatly from that established in the iPhone 4S, the device retaining much of the same form, but is much thinner, weighing only 112 grams, with a thickness of just 7.6 mm, the terminal is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. Metal edges are kept there, but the casing is made of aluminum and glass, the central part is aluminum and the upper is made of glass. In this regard the terminal remains to be chosen by those who were satisfied with the design of the iPhone 4S and not upset by a slight change offered by the new concept.

iOS 6

Although Apple typically emphasizes on a new version of iOS, this time Forstall didn't stayed to much on the stage and quickly introduced the important functions of the operating system. The most important news is Maps, new features of Siri, the application Passbook, Do Not Disturb function, new security settings, possibility to sync tabs in Safari with iCloud and the option to use Safari in fullscreen mode.

EarPods Headphones

According to rumors, Apple shows the new EarPods headphones in which they were under development for more than 3 years. The new headphones design is completely rebuilt, but they are designed to provide quality sound much better and theoretically should sit perfectly in the ears of any user. They are specially designed to direct the sound directly into the ear canal and have special outputs to allow air to enter. The new headphones will be available in Apple store starting today, but they will be supplied with the iPhone 5, iPod Nano and the new iPod Touch.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. sally yuen September 14, 2012

    Love the fact that I could use facetime through WIFI!

  2. it is perfectly better than iphone 4.

  3. there are lots of great features on this phone.love to have one

  4. Finally it arrives.It has everything that they say it will +some more gadgets so again Apple goes with the best phone on the market.

  5. certainly it is far better that iphone4

  6. it is just out of this world! who would not want to buy i phone after watching these ads!

  7. well it is no different than iphone4 only bigger screen....

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  8. The iPhone 5 will offer an A6 chip, which is two times faster than the current A5 chip. Graphics will get faster speeds, as well. Yet, despite the speedier performance, the new chip will be 22 percent smaller than the A5. According to Apple's specs, users will see Web pages load 2.1 times faster, and the Music app with songs will load 1.9 times faster.

  9. That is good phone.Ilike it

  10. Samsung Galaxy SIII has the same power with Iphone 5?

  11. DBSproduction September 16, 2012

    It is the best that iphone 4

  12. Lorena Epe September 17, 2012

    Another great innovation. Another great gadget to have!!! Good job Apple!

  13. I really love this phone..it's amazing..

  14. thank you very much, look is very nice, i like it better iphone 3

  15. Personally, the iPhone 5 doesn't seem like the greatest upgrade ever. I think I'll stick with my iPhone 4S.

  16. grace joy September 18, 2012

    wow..new i phone..i looks very nice and advanced.

  17. Big innovation as well as a big price

  18. great innovation on mobile phone. this will definitely hit the market.

  19. Thats a damn good fone. I m waiting for ....when it ill launch....nice

  20. very good iphone 5

  21. i think it will be different and more creative hope to have it

  22. iphone 5... next future

  23. John Smith September 22, 2012

    Better than iphone 4s. I love iphone 5

  24. better than iphone 4s...

  25. luisafer2019 September 24, 2012

    I want an iphone 5, it has all that i need, the problem is that in Colombia is so expensive

  26. I like it so much :X

  27. anonymous September 25, 2012

    best phone in the market!

  28. Je souhaite avoir un iphone5 mais c'est cher pour mois

  29. i love i phones.are the best mobile phones ever

  30. elchiarel September 29, 2012

    this phone is so nice

  31. The iPhone 5 with the latest system of iOs 6 has some problems as i experienced difficulties
    with the text tone. I later realized that i wasn't the only one, as i went to research on how
    to resolve this problem and realize that there was a whole forum online dedicated to solutions on
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  32. don't have money, haizzzzz

  33. kaelynnmara September 30, 2012

    I love my iphone, and really want to upgrade to the iphone5 thank you for your detailed article on it! def getting one!

  34. The iPhone 5 will offer an A6 chip, which is two times faster than the current A5 chip. this what makes its a real phone. the light weight of the phone and the slimness

  35. july222006 October 6, 2012

    Great features! I can't wait to try it.

  36. Prince's October 8, 2012

    want it! but i have no money

  37. I wish I have this Iphone 5 but no money.

  38. Hummm i saw in the news when started to sell in the iphone in londo i think :O Its really really great to make the sacrifice of be the first one and wait outhere 2 days earlier?? :S. If its better than the galaxy note i'll buy it hehe

  39. great exlpanation, I love it

  40. Olaezzelden October 11, 2012


  41. Hummm i saw in the news when started to sell in the iphone in londo i think ,Its really really great to make the sacrifice of be the first one and wait outhere 2 days earlier?? If its better than the galaxy note i'll buy it hehe.........

  42. Man its better then Samsung S 3 Love it!!!

  43. I wanna see why has not completed the remaining half of the Apple iPhone 4S?

  44. great installed application

  45. i would like a iPhone5 but its kinda expensive

  46. oh wow amazing, i love to buy iphone

  47. Rakesh R Warrier October 19, 2012

    The earphones look cool !! Hope it is as good as they say it is.

  48. my brother is having a iphone 4s , now he is waiting to buy the killer iphone 5

  49. my brother is having a iphone 4s , now he is waiting to buy the killer iphone 5

  50. maitramloveno1 October 21, 2012

    this phone is grate,i want it!

  51. yes i like it !

  52. wow. it is better than iphone5 . i would love to have one soon.

  53. Bitupon Hazarika October 29, 2012

    It's much better the it's previous versions.

  54. This is almost the same like the 4S iphone, the only thing is that the iphone 5 is taller and a little bit faster.

  55. Its an awsome technology with Thinner & Lighter Design than earlier versions, Retina Display makes it brighter with Ultrafast Wireless !!!! It wish if it was affordable for all !!!

  56. is perfectly better than iphone 4.really we happy to see this......

  57. muralivilla October 31, 2012

    finally it has arrived to the market.....
    iam glad to say it

  58. Today is the day ! Looking forward to it!

  59. cashbash November 2, 2012

    Thanks for the detailed information. This looks to an awesome phone.
    Will be great to won one.

  60. cashbash November 2, 2012

    Thanks for the detailed information. This looks to an awesome phone.
    Will be great to own one.

  61. I personally do not find the iphone5 Interesting, i don't find that there is a big difference with iphone 4

  62. ameezing phone nice apps

  63. badshamughal November 4, 2012

    iPhone is always great. iphone5 has all the features that i want. I want iphone5.

  64. i love iphone because its the best!

  65. i think this is better than samsung galaxy.i'll buy this phone

  66. Perfect.
    Good information.

  67. kumar sancheet November 5, 2012

    thanks for the information.awesome design and feature.

  68. Thanks You
    Its Really Cool

  69. Peter Gabriel Miranda November 6, 2012

    Nice post huh..

  70. Waaaao AmaZing Features of i-Phone.
    i Like it !

  71. It has almost same features as Iphone 4..

  72. BetiBlue January 16, 2013

    I already have Iphone 4 and before that one I had Iphone 3G...but now, when I saw all those possibilities...I can't wait to buy this model. BIG FAN OF IPHONE! THE BEST PHONE IN THE WORLD!!!

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  73. sandeep June 12, 2013

    its a great phone,better than 4s.

  74. featuures are far better compared to iphone4

  75. Better than iphone 4! Great features, great camera!

  76. this is real helpful information !
    i want buy iphone in the future

  77. Glenda May 20, 2016

    iphone5 is my phone and i like it, so many great feature. but in the future, i will buy a new version of latest iphone. hehehe!

  78. Big price!

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