iPad 4 vs Microsoft Surface Pro – Apple’s iPad 4 Has Serious Competition

The iPad 4 part of Apple’s iPad lineup and of course, an implied contender for any tablet on the market. The Surface Pro on the other hand is here to solidify the Windows RT tablet experience that came out before, and this time the Microsoft powered device means business.


The iPad 4 features a very slim profile and a classy appearance that gives any opponent trouble in that area. The premium look and feel of the iPad 4 is based on its aluminum body construction which captures Apple’s premium design philosophy. The Surface Pro is bulkier and bigger than the Apple device, but this can be easily blamed on the Microsoft powered device’s internal firepower.


The iPad 4 comes with a 9.7 inch screen that uses a 1536 x 2048 IPS LCD resolution. The device uses Retina Display with a pixel density of 264 ppi. The Surface Pro on the other hand features a larger display that measures 10.6 inches. The resolution for this screen is of 1080 x 1920. It also uses the IPS LCD technology.

iPad 4 vs Microsoft Surface Pro

Software UI

Out of the two, the Windows8 running device definitely comes out as the tablet with a better looking interface, thanks to the Windows 8 Start screen that users can also see on PCs. The Windows 8 OS is giving the tablet a very dynamic approach and it surely is neat to customize your device according to your desire. The iPad 4 has the simple iOS interface Apple has gotten us used to. The simplistic and not at all complicated user interface of the iPad is balanced out by the fact that users will quickly get the hang of Apple’s OS and also benefit from better optimized apps for the ecosystem, an advantage gained through being around longer.


First, we take a look at the Surface Pro and see that it features a dual core processor that uses a 1.7 GHz clock speed. The processor in charge of heavy duty here is the Inter Core i5, while the graphics are handled by the Intel Graphics 4000. The spec list is completed by 4 GB of RAM which smoothens up the user interface quite a lot.

The iPad 4 has a dual core processor as well, but the unit found on Apple’s handset features a clock speed of only 1.4 GHz. The processor is the Apple A6X. On the graphics processing front, the Apple tablet relies on a PowerVR SGX 554 GPU. The RAM capacity is nowhere near what  the Surface Pro puts up, as the iPad only has 1 GB of RAM.

Both devices come In variants that feature 128 GB of storage, but aside from those, the Surface Pro also has a 64 GB option. The iPad has  16 and 32 GB versions as well.


Playing media files on your tablet can be trickier than just hitting the “Play” button. The iPad 4 needs some conversion for a lot of formats before it can run them properly, while the Surface Pro offers support for a wide range of formats straight from the start. The iPad 4 however wins on the audio front where its speakers are able to come up with a much louder volume. The music player on the Surface Pro, despite the device’s inferiority on the audio level, has the best look, which is much more appealing than what the iPad music player offers.


You can get a full day of usage with the iPad, while the Surface Pro will give out after less than 6 hours. This shouldn’t surprise you, as the Surface Pro comes with an internal configuration that can be deemed worthy of a laptop computer, therefore it is only normal that it eats up more energy.


There is no doubt that the Surface Pro will be the right choice every time, but that means you have to spend an awful lot more than you would if you bought the iPad 4. However, all that extra cash wouldn’t be just thrown out the window, as you get a tablet that works at PC parameters. The Surface Pro is definitely on top if you can spare the extra money.


The Surface Pro is about $500 while the iPad 4 is around $340, both on Amazon.com.

Rating: ★★★★★ 


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  2. eu gosto das duas plataformas

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    this is a great iPad i like it

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    The Surface Pro 3 is tablet that can replace your laptop.I am a fan!

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  6. Microsoft Surface Pro is looking seriously good

  7. I like the iPad 4 vs Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple’s iPad 4 Has Serious Competition.

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    I think that it´s expensive

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    a good product but the price is affordable

  11. finally microsoft has come up with a device that can go head to head with apple.

  12. The iPad 4 features a very slim profile and i like this most


  14. The ipad4 all the way, not only apple products have amazingly
    breathtaking design, also powerfull processor and they are quite
    slim, regardless of the comparison, the ipad is a beastie.

  15. its true apple has a tough competition now...but as far as price is concern in my opinion both sets have different user base based on price.

  16. ANIL KUMAR November 5, 2014

    I'm not talking simply about the "productivity device vs. consumption device" argument that many, including Microsoft, use to distinguish iPads from Windows tablets such as the Surface Pro. For a traditional knowledge worker, the Surface Pro 3 certainly offers a more familiar type of productivity, with desktop apps and a keyboard. But for users who are less beholden to tried-and-true workflows, iPads offer plenty of power to get things done in new ways.

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    J like it very much, good tablet and the price is ok

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