HTC One A9 Review – Better Than iPhone 6?

HTC One A9

Perhaps when they published the first pictures of the HTC One A9, many thought that the Taiwanese have an identity crisis. Otherwise, how could it explain such a great resemblance with the iPhone 6.

After HTC One M9 turned out to be a device with many problems (one of them overheating caused by Snapdragon 810 processor and the other taking mediocrity photos), the Taiwanese Company have been trying to mend similar models (M9+ or M9e, for example), but not much has come out. Clearly they needed a completely new flagship, and it ought to materialize in the form of HTC One A9. Unfortunately, since on the Internet had "escaped" first images of this phone, the world yelled in chorus that is a clone of the iPhone 6. Somehow, the complaints were justified, but not entirely. HTC One A9 resembles indeed to the the iPhone 6, but more on images than "in hand".

On the other hand, lets remember the HTC One M7, one of the best phones of the year 2013. If we retrospect, we might think that, in fact, Apple was the one who took some design lines of HTC Flagship of that period. However, if so, Apple was quite subtle, because on the front side we cannot find significant similarities. We can look at the bright side: HTC One A9 could be an iPhone with Android, a fantasy fulfilled to those passionate about Apple's design, but Android operating system is friendlier than iOS.

Introduction - HTC One A9

Either way, it's pretty hard to launch a revolutionary smartphone, at least in terms of design. Samsung did it with Edge devices, and LG did it by LG G Flex and even by LG G4. HTC has done that in the past, but it got lazy on the way. HTC One M9 weak sales are due to the fact that it came with almost nothing new compared to its predecessor M8, either on neither the performance nor the design.

Even so, the debate "who copied who" of One A9's situation is slightly wrong. Nobody disputes its likeness with iPhone 6, but not all the technological universe revolves around Apple products. Indeed, they are perhaps the most identifiable at the moment, and their sleek and slim design has caught well. Perhaps this is why we put at the wall any device with the ambition to meet consumer demands, increasingly focused more on phones with large and thin screens. What should concern us is the price-quality ratio and performance of the device. And from this point of view, HTC has done honorably by launching a phone with great design and premium camera, but rather mid-range functionality.

We are talking about a smartphone with a Snapdragon 617 processor with eight cores, 2GB or 3GB RAM. Storage space also can be 16GB or 32GB. Although the processor is new and very powerful on paper, does not compare to the speed of Snapdragon 810 or with the Exynos included by Samsung on its flagship. In addition, RAM does not impress, given that on the market there are many smartphones with 4GB RAM. Supports internal memory with a microSD expansion up to 2TB.

For it is one of the few privileged smartphone that comes preloaded with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you have the opportunity to format the card as a real extension of the internal memory of the phone, which will be properly recognized by installed applications. Altogether, the configuration is one able to cope with games and applications, so if you do not want large processing on the phone and want something pretty, with good camera and a reasonable speed, One A9's good option.

The good part is that the HTC chose to bring into question the optical stabilization, this after using it only on the HTC One M7 model. The HTC One A9 has a 13MP primary camera which is also able to achieve hyperlapse type clips. The front camera has four megapixels and is Ultrapixel type. At its display, it should be noted that we are dealing with a five-inch phone with full HD resolution and the screen quality is very good.

On the software side, HTC has made a significant effort to simplify the Sense interface and eliminate some proprietary applications they served in the past. Mail and Music are just two examples of this enhanced level of flexibility dedicated to the users. In addition, is the first phone that isn't Nexus and uses Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and for this the Sense interface needed a little lift.

HTC One A9  2

Conclusion - HTC One A9

As we've said in the title, HTC One A9 is an iPhone 6, despite the similarities. Although it needs some improvements and would have needed a more affordable offer, HTC has made efforts to meet consumer expectations, especially after they've made a mistake with the HTC One M9. It's a good phone, which normally would deserve a higher mark than the one we gave. However, considering that the price approaches the high-end devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6, which still is superior in many aspects, we cannot cross the border and appreciate the phone only for what he can do.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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    Few may call it copied version

  9. s k Patodia November 28, 2015


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  12. Although it needs some improvements and would have needed a more affordable offer, HTC has made efforts to meet consumer expectations, especially after they've made a mistake with the HTC One M9.

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