Customize Your Ringtone and Notification Sounds in Android O

Android O

Much to the delight of Android users, Google have announced that they are now working on the newest version of the beloved OS, namely Android O. Of course, Android O is merely a working title for the project, so who knows what sweet delicacy they will choose to include on their roster next. The projects’ developers have been dropping a few bits and bobs of info on the new OS here and there, and naturally speculations and leaks have also started occurring all over the Internet. This sort of thing is only natural with such big and expected projects.

Newest Information on Android O

As far as ringtone and other sound customization options, Android has never been one to make it easy for users. However, things are about to change with the new Android O. The new version of Google’s classic OS has been announced by Android Police. What is more, the main focus of the new OS seems to be to produce the most fully personalized OS to date. While custom ringtones and notification sounds might not sound like the most revolutionary breakthrough ever, with even older, non-smartphone devices also having offered that in the past, it’s still a very big and important leap forward. Custom ringtones for Android can be found on

Being able to completely customize every aspect of your device and have it cater to your exact needs and tastes is an increasingly popular demand amongst users nowadays. And all for good reason, because you’d expect to be able to do just about anything considering how much money you will need to invest in the latest make and model of smartphone, and even in an older one. It’s only natural that users start expecting to get the most bang for their buck, especially when the bucks involved come in a substantial amount.

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