Blackberry Z3 Faces The Xperia M2 – Best Smartphone Comparison

Blackberry Z3 Faces The Xperia M2

There are a lot of choices available for those in search of a great smartphone device. The market is full of ideal devices that can show you they are worth the money through their features and functions, and some of the essential devices on the market, coming from leading brands in mobile phones, are the Xperia M2 manufactured by Sony, and Blackberry’s Z3 handset. That being said, it’s time to jump into specifications and see which one of these market favorites is actually better and why.


The devices are similar in terms of size, both featuring similar measurements. The Balckberry device measures at  5.51 x 2.87 x 0.36 weighs 148 grams inches and weighs no more than 164 grams. The other device, the M2 from Sony, measures at 5.50 x 2.80 x 0.34 and, which means that it is both lighter and smaller than the Balckberry handset.


The  Xperia M2 continues to remain behind the Blackberry Z3 in terms of size, as its screen, although big, featuring 4.8 inches, is still smaller than the display unit offered by the Blackberry, which is a full 5 inches. Size didn’t stop the two devices from acquiring the same display resolution, which is 540 x 960. After that, the Xperia M2 finally gains a slight advantage, in the pixel density section, as it beats the Blackberry Z3 with 229 ppi to 220 ppi.


The advantage obtained by the Xperia in the last section of the comparison is solidified further by the phone’s camera, which dominates the Blackberry’s lens option. The Xperia M2 features 8 MP for the camera on its rear side, while the Z3 only offers 5 MP. The lens on the Xperia comes with much more than just a superior MP count, as it offers a ton of cool features like HDR, self-timer, smile detection, scenes, digital image stabilization, and more. It is also capable of recording HD video, but so is its Blackberry Z3 competitor. Both devices feature an additional camera placed on the front panel.

Blackberry Z3 Faces The Xperia M2 2

Hardware and Software

The configuration of the devices is different despite the fact that they both sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset. They both run at the same clock speed of 1.2 GHz, but the main and most important difference between the processing units found in our two devices, is that the BlackBerry Z3 offers a dual-core version of the processing unit, while the Xperia M2 comes with a quad core chip. The processing units are backed up by the Adreno 305 graphics processor.

As we move on to memory, we can say that the BlackBerry Z3 manages to pass the Xperia M2 slightly in terms of RAM memory, as it offers 1.5 GB of RAM. The Xperia M2 only offers 1 GB of RAM. And since we’re discussing available memory, we should specify that both handsets come with 8 GB of internal memory.

The Xperia device features the Android operating system from Google, while the folks over at BlackBerry decided to take a different route than most phone manufacturers, and implements their own operating system, which is the BlackBerry 10 OS.


The Xperia M2 has the smaller battery, with only 2300 mAh available, while its BlackBerry competition bring a larger 2600 mAh unit to the table.


The Sony Xperia M2 seems to come out as the victor, as it manages to surpass the BlackBerry device in the key sections, therefore making it the better device. The more popular and developer-potent operating system sure counts in for the win.


On, the Xperia M2 is priced around $295, while on the same site, the BlackBerry Z3 is available for about $269.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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