BlackBerry Passport – Biggest Competitive Device From Blackberry


Design, construction and ergonomics

When we say BlackBerry, we immediately think of hardware QWERTY keyboards, and manager John Chen knows this as well as we do. If the company's designers have designed the Classic for traditionalist market segment, Passport is a product somewhat strange but not necessarily intended to market success but rather to demonstrate that BlackBerry still has enough courage and enough experience to lead an ambitious project.

The idea of using a square screen is not new, Q10 and Q5 models two years ago were using the same atypical format. BlackBerry aims but this time to provide a large display capable of competing on a par with those offered by Android phones, Windows Phone or iOS peak and Passport consequently benefits of the largest screen ever implemented on a phone with hardware keyboard. Since the device is an oddity in terms of design, we interrupt our routine presentations and start directly with comments on the ergonomics.

Advantages of a large screen with high resolution are so obvious that goes without saying, but those who want to enjoy this must prepare to accept compromises. Since the manufacturer has chosen this time a compact keyboard, BlackBerry Passport has a reduced its height comparable to that of an iPhone 5S. Benefits gained from its height due to the screen aspect ratio of 1:1 are lost when it comes to width, BlackBerry Passport measuring to this axis not less than nine inches and is surpassed only by the giant Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Screen, hardware, specifications,

BlackBerry didn't had particularly big screens, an unfortunate aspect considering their launching prices were very high. But this time, the company has not made any compromises and chose an impressive touch screen diagonal of 4.5" and a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels, 453 ppi density excellence of which is surpassed only by the few QuadHD mobile implemented by Samsung, LG and others.

The screen is remarkable only by high readability, but also good quality IPS panel. It offers a deeper black level, maximum excellent brightness, good readability in bright and very good viewing angles, Passport thus is a product that rivals with other phones that are currently leading the market.

BlackBerry Passport 2

This hardware platform is accompanied by a generous RAM capacity of 3GB and 32GB of expandable internal memory, making Passport a very competitive device.

Screen: 4.5", 1440 x 1440 pixels, IPS Gorilla Glass 3
OS: BlackBerry OS 10.3
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AA)
Processor: Krait 400 quad-core, 2.2 GHz
GPU: Adreno 330
Memory: 32 GB
Card: MicroSD, 128 GB max
Camera: 13MP
Front Camera: 2MP
Battery: 3450mAh
Dimensions: 128x90.3x9.3mm

Software, keyboard, telephone

Because the operating system BlackBerry OS 10 has been detailed in its debut and 10.2 update was also presented with the Z30 device, we will now summarize new developments in 10.3 version.

The most important novelty is the emergence of BlackBerry Assistant, a similar Google Now voice assistant, Siri or Cortana. It integrates with many of the operating system applications such as calendar, email, alarms, audio player settings, Facebook or Twitter and offers easy voice control. The quality of voice recognition algorithms is very good, interactions are most often surprisingly fluid and rich.

The second novelty is the Blackberry Blend, a remote control similar to that offered by Pushbullet application for the Android or that one implemented by Apple on iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. Available on Windows and OS X platforms, the desktop client allows software interaction with emails, BBM messages, SMS, calendar, contact list, list of notifications and system files, an additional advantage is the fact that it can benefit both from Wi-Fi connections and the 3G/4G data.

Passport photo mode uses the most powerful BlackBerry used so far, this pair of 13 MP sensor with a lens F/2.0 and camera stabilization. The camera has a tendency to overexpose however and thus destroy brighter areas, and post-processing that takes the most time to sufficiently reduce noise, sometimes gives some terrible failures. Catch macro is good, although the camera does not have a dedicated setting, this coming to the aid of scanning documents often.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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