Asus Prime Transformer – A Top Android Tablet

Platform and operating system

Not being the kind of person who buys a toy just because it looks nice, I will quickly go over the details of the exterior and I will focus on what matters: the daily use of the tablet and what it knows to do.

Transformer is the first tablet that brings Nvidia Tegra platform on the market in March 2011, which brings a significant increase of both in terms of CPU power processing, and graphics. Now has five core processor (four active and one secondary). Normally, when you run the applications, tasks are distributed between the four main core processor, which activates and adjusts the operating frequency depending on the complexity of the running operations.

The 5th core runs at a much lower frequency, and is in charge of operations occurred when the tablet is in stand-by, as synchronization of data in the background, activation notifications, or return to normal operation.

The new tablet from Asus is running on the Android HoneyComb 3.2.1, but with slight modifications to the same version found on the first generation of Transformer.

There is a new Quick Settings menu that allows multitasking and closing applications, plus Asus has implemented three operating modes for tablet-like profiles found on laptops, which balances between performance and autonomy according to the wishes of the users. The difference of autonomy of these modes is about one hour per cycle of use.

Daily use and performance

Passing over the technical details, you should say that the Prime leaves a good impression in everyday use. Navigating through menus or HP's screen is much more fluent and is loading and launching applications much faster. It is as it should be an Android tablet to be appreciated: fast and fluent in use.

Increased performance can be seen in running multimedia content from HQ videos from YouTube and to the ability to run 1080p content about any format with a bitrate of up to 40 mbps.

A performance bonus will be visible in games where Tegra 3 brings additional resources. Unfortunately there are quite a few titles optimized for Tegra 3 in the moment, but Nvidia promises a lot of new games in TegraZone in early 2012.

Of course, many other issues will change with the introduction of Android's 4.0. Personally I expect fewer errors and bugs to reduce the performance problems caused by running multiple applications in parallel but also to a better efficiency of the product unit, which lead to increased autonomy.

Autonomy which is not bad either, with a battery life of between 8 hours and daily use for 11 hours of continuous viewing of a clip. Mkv 720p. Docking add another 5-6 overtime.

Future Android tablets

Even if the iPad will dominate the tablet market a few years, Android devices are on the right track: improved technical platform, more powerful software and a greater attention to detail is visible in Asus Prime.

Prime is certainly the most advanced Android tablet of the moment.

Of course, Prime is not a perfect tablet, there are still bugs that need solving, but this shows us that the Android tablets will have a major say in 2012 and will close with more success iPad supremacy in this field.

Well, the technology is evolving in their favor (actually ours) and the Prime Transformer from Asus is a great testament to this fact.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. Mahendra January 6, 2012

    it's very great

  2. awesome gadget ill have to buy this

  3. This looks like it's going to be pretty awesome!

  4. sandeep January 7, 2012

    Nice try by the people of Asus.. But it must come into picture soon

  5. Eldhose Varghese January 10, 2012

    An alternet version of I pad. but it has to go more to reach the same level or improved level of I pad.

    the good point is, It can use an a lap top and a tablet as well.

  6. very good

  7. it looks for me like iPad killer,i'm looking to buy it

  8. justwarm January 12, 2012

    this tabler is really cool to use.everybody should read this.

  9. its become a new race for the computing technology i hope its really great...

  10. The Perfect Tablet.......

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    very good

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    that is very good and I'm looking to buy it.

  13. How i wish to have this gadget

  14. wow dis gadget looks awesome

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