ASUS FonePad – The Tablet At Your Ear

Slowly but surely, the line between tablets and smartphones will disappear. The big mobile phone manufacturers began to increase screens of their models and tablet manufacturers have diversified their demand with smaller models. Finally, the two worlds intersected in the area of ​​6-7 inches.


ASUS wanted to be on the list of those who "join" the two markets and launched FonePad, a competitive portable with 3G for voice and data, having all the features of a smartphone and a tablet with 7 inch versatility. ASUS FonePad is perfect for those who want a compact tablet and smartphone, both incorporated into one gadget.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a smartphone, and the versatility of a tablet. It's slim and compact design with metal that can be held with one hand due to the weight of only 340g and profile of 10.4 mm. But width of 120 mm makes it hard to grasp with one hand. It is very well built and the Taiwanese manufacturer did not compromise its quality. I was pleasantly surprised to see that ASUS was attentive to details and finishes.

Powered by the latest Intel Atom single-core processor at Z2420, fully compatible with Android, Fonepad enjoy a perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency. It has a range of up to 9 hours, but can vary greatly depending on usage. I've talked on the phone, listened to music, I surfed the internet and Li-Polymer battery of 4270 mAh (16Wh) performed very well.

7 inch screen supports multi-touch in 10 points and has a HD resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. IPS technology captures the colors at a viewing angle of 178 degrees. You can enjoy the tablet even in bright outdoor. Maybe it needed basically a Full HD screen, but it was just a fad. And do not have Gorilla Glass, so be careful at its screen. I recommend Tower Case - lightweight case for Fonepad that features a soft interior that keeps your display clean, and a built stand that secures the screen at an angle for a more practical choice.

ASUS FonePad

Fonepad features ASUS SonicMaster technology and award winning software Maxx Audio to provide a good quality sound. Do not expect to be loud, but it is ok in quality. Currently, tablets and smartphones are used a lot in multimedia activities and sound quality can be a decisive factor in choosing a mobile terminal.

As I mentioned above, ASUS FonePad has 3G voice and data. Fonepad can be used also for phone calls using the microphone or headset noise attenuation. I recommend using a headset for phone calls and that's because it is uncomfortable to stay with the tablet to your ear. I tried several times and was funny, but not practical.

To not make it longer I can say that I liked ASUS FonePad. It is a very good tablet, but not perfect. It did very well in daily and I didn't spare it at all. No fan of tablets, but a FonePad I would like to have. I believe that the 7 inch size is ideal for such a gadget. Plus it comes with 3G built-in and you can enjoy all the features of a smartphone.

I used the tablet for entertainment (games, movies, music), I run office applications, I tried to write on blogs, I surfed the internet and everything was perfect. Am I missing something? Why else do you use tablets?

Has many pluses, but also some shortcomings, all of which can be read below.

ASUS Fonepad Strengths:

  • + Take advantage of a good configuration for a tablet;
  • + It has 3G
  • + 7 inch screen with IPS technology;
  • + Allows voice calls;
  • + Great autonomy;
  • + Compact, simple;
  • + Good quality of materials.

ASUS FonePad weaknesses/gaps:

  • -          No Gorilla Glass;
  • -          No back phone/video camera;

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. its gonna be amazing

  2. i would sell ma ipad to buy this <3

  3. cool.. wanna purchase one..

  4. enkhtur August 7, 2013

    How much this phone?

  5. bhubnesh August 7, 2013

    Sounds Good

  6. Sukma Ilham August 7, 2013

    Good information

  7. good.I like

  8. jeewananda August 8, 2013

    this phone is best in the world

  9. it`s so cool, ASUS are the best.

  10. god nice phone

  11. sanaung August 10, 2013

    hi ... It is a new IT products

  12. Asus Rocks!

  13. chi hieu la ta

  14. calling is plus point in this tablet

  15. Ko Win Ko August 13, 2013

    thanks a lot...

  16. love it bros

  17. enable 3g and calling facility made the tab a great one

  18. If we ignore the size, it is hard to find an android 4.x phone for this price unsubsidized. I hope for a version 2.0 with a faster SoC next year.

    We need devices like this to basically spread the knowledge to non-techies that phones don't really ever cost $600+ to build. Many phones sell for near 100% markup unsubsidized.

    Posted via Android Central App

  19. I would love to trade in my current phone for this fonepad!!

  20. nguyễn quang thành August 29, 2013

    rất tốt

  21. chandrakant August 30, 2013

    great fonepad...i wanna buy it

  22. blurprincess September 1, 2013

    looks very nice yea~

  23. Huong Nguyen September 2, 2013

    This is my dream.

  24. sudhir singh September 11, 2013

    large and affordable fonepad

  25. Chinmaya Shukla September 21, 2013

    coolest tablet.

  26. Nice, I'd love to have one of these

  27. fantastic phone for use.

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