iPhone5 – Upcoming Smart Phone from Apple

To keep pace with the stiff competition it is facing from others; especially Google Android run BlackBerry from Samsung, Apple has now announced its latest iPhone5 with many new features.

 Apple iphone 5

When it comes to top seller in Apple products, the invariable choice is iPhones that accounts for nearly half its revenue. However, like other spheres of the commercial world, the smart phone zone is also fiercely competitive. Substantial competition has been posed by Samsung BlackBerry powered by Google’s Android software.

New model of iPhone from Apple was always on the cards and not many were surprised when it announced that iPhone5 will hit the market in September-October this year. But the suspense was about the features of the new iPhone5.

 Apple iphone 5

Some of the main features of Apple iPhone5 announced by the company are –

  • Improved messaging and photo sharing;
  • Capability of running on Apple’s mobile devices; and
  • It would use the new iOS5.

As already said the iPhone5 will run on the upgrade iOS5 operating system and is likely to be supported by strong eco systems including iCloud. In result the user will be able to store photos, applications, various documents, and even calendars without storing them in the memory slot of the iPhone.

Apple is remaining rather tight lipped over the ultimate features expecting tough competition with the upcoming Android ice cream sand witch operating system for the BlackBerry. It is also rumored that together Samsung and Google are making killer devices named Nexus Prime that may have specifications as good as the iPhone 5.

 Apple iphone 5

Naturally this has prompted Apple to come up some unique product.

Apple has decided that their iPhone5 would be a “World Phone” because it will have both GSM and CDMA compatibility, a feature that is likely to make it popular with the users. It is guessed that –

  • The phone will have SIM less design with 3-4 antennas;
  • It may have a SIM card slot for overseas countries save the United States for traveling abroad;
  • Present 5 megapixel camera with LED flash would be replaced with an 8 megapixel camera in the Apple iPhone5;
  • Apple will bring up the A5 chip on the new iPhone5. The chip was rolled out for powering its iPad2.
  • While Android smart phones are coming with 1.3 GHz processors, Apple is considering 1.5 GHz processors now.

Some near-field communication chip may be used to counterbalance the advantages Android phones will have with the NFC chips. These NFC chips allow simple and effortless transactions, data exchanges, as well as touch connections. In result phones or tablets with NFC chips can work as credit card payment and also serve as keycard or ID card.

Apple iphone 5

Another expectation from the Apple iPhone5 is enhanced screen size complete with Android smart phones and will probably opt for the 4 inch screen size replacing the 3.5 inch screen size of iPhone4.

In addition; there is likely to be the new iCloud services to operate the iTunes for wireless remote access to music and audio files from all the computers and the mobile devices.

To counter the progress of Google Android run smart phones, it was expected that Apple will come up with something novel and hopefully, their iPhone5 is the answer.

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  1. TadashiAidou August 27, 2011

    Very nice, new iPhone, a much better job that iPhone 4, like it was expected!

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  3. Everyone Gonna have one of this in 1 2 years max... first it was computer, next mobiles, next iphones,next ???? airplanes? xD

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  5. Zohour Eshtaiwy August 29, 2011

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  6. Dj HardCore August 29, 2011

    ohhh..this is so good..phil good with this..

  7. Hey guys the most awaited iphone5 expected to launch in september-october and it is 4 inch in size replasing its previous version of 3.5 inch.

  8. iphone 5 runs in ios5 operating system which supports icloud features and iphone 5 is 0.5 inch bigger than its previous iphone version 4 of size 3.5 inch.

  9. mhickoie August 30, 2011

    This site is awesome. I can stay ahead of others with these new gadgets.

  10. Maslesha August 31, 2011

    Wow, this iPhone is really great! I like his processor and camera, and he looks excellent, too.

  11. Neelabh Dutt Upadhyay September 1, 2011

    iPhone 5 news still seem to be a rumour to me.I am waiting for the iPhone5 to come out.I want to check out what new things it has got, and really, yes, what is the camera position. Is it in the corner or just above the intersecting diagonals.

  12. iphone 5 will be great hit and beat all previous record of iphone

  13. Had Verizon a few years ago. Hated it! Dropped calls. etc. Switched to At&T and love it. Great customer service. Repaired and replaced damaged phones. LOVE MY IPHONE!!! not switching!

  14. I love to use iphone. And its the new model so waiting to have that one. thanks for the information.

  15. shimantoctg September 5, 2011

    the iphone drives me crazy. so this time a new version, lets see whats new in it. thanks to the informer.

  16. stana3fkovic September 5, 2011

    I have golden iphone4 and it's great

  17. kleingeldsammler September 6, 2011

    will be the best smartphone I´ve ever seen. but I think it´s too expensive for me :o(

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    • The Iphone looks good, I like he new features too!
      Phone is amazing! It have good processor, big screen and good camera! 8mpx..I like it!!

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  30. Sreekant Kurup September 12, 2011

    Very nice phone and good features,i was waiting for it

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  41. Geagleiam September 13, 2011

    This is classical. It is very important that general functions like messaging and photo sharing are improved and the screen size is enhanced.

  42. This really cool.I have planned to get one ,but don't know when ? I5 has the unique look in smartphone series.I think this will rock the smart phone world.

  43. A lot of rumors have been buzzing us around regarding the iPhone 5 lately from release. A report stated that Apple may be ready for a mass shipment of the iPhone 5. waiting for this amazing phone.

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  47. RyoXander September 14, 2011

    Wow..i want to switch to iPhone 5 hopefully 🙂

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  49. ashrafulalam19 September 14, 2011

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  66. 01burak33 September 16, 2011

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  92. dunghero99 September 19, 2011

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    Apple keeps innovating. so possibly iPhone 6, 7, 8 , 9 ...How far they go?

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  116. successone October 10, 2011

    Its very unfortunate that Steve Jobs is gone. Perhaps this means a new beginning for Apple....

  117. master1989 January 27, 2012

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