Apple iPhone SE vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 – Choose The Best One

Apple iPhone SE vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

Apple iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy S7 are two flagships that have been released in March 2016. The former is more like a dwarf iPhone 6S with the design of the iPhone 5S, while the other is the upgraded version of the Galaxy S6. Today we’re going to compare these two handsets and let you decide which one is better for you.


The Apple iPhone SE measures 123.8x58.6x7.6mm and has a weight of 113 grams. It looks almost identical to the iPhone 5S, featuring an aluminum unibody with chamfered edges, while the Galaxy S7 has a glass back and a metal frame, it’s much taller and heavier, as it measures 142.4x69.6x7.9mm and weights 152 grams. However, Samsung made it resistant to dust and water, as this feature was removed from the Galaxy S6.


The Apple iPhone SE has an IPS LCD display of 4-inch that supports a resolution of 1136x640 pixels at 326 ppi. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a larger Super AMOLED display of 5.1-inch that supports a higher resolution of 2560x1440 pixels at 577 ppi.

Graphics Cards, Processors & RAM

The Apple iPhone SE has an A9 chipset, a dual-core Twister CPU clocked at 1.84GHz, a PowerVR GT7600 (six-core) graphics card and 2GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy S7 handset comes in two variants:

- one has an Exynos 8890 Octa chipset, a quad-core Mongoose processor clocked at 2.3GHz and a quad-core Cortex A53 processor clocked at 1.6GHz, a Mali-T880 MP12 graphics card and 4GB of RAM;
- another one has a Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 chipset, a dual-core Kryo processor clocked at 2.15GHz and a dual-core Kryo processor clocked at 1.6GHz, an Adreno 530 graphics card and 4GB of RAM.

iPhone SE is brought to life A9 by the chipset, the same on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus has the same 12MP camera that is on the iPhone 6s and even includes Live Photos, despite the absence of 3D Touch. Fingerprint sensor from the previous generation is therefore weaker, in features we will also find Apple Pay and NFC.

There are many iPhone users who have not yet made the step towards larger screens and SE enables them to remain at a smaller display, but with an improved hardware. It remains to be seen whether they will want to upgrade to iPhone SE, or will wait until September, when iPhone 7 will be launched, which will be equipped with the new A10 chipset and other hardware upgrades.


The Apple iPhone SE comes in two internal storage variants of 16GB and 64GB, but you can’t expand it, as the device wasn’t equipped with a card slot. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes in two internal storage variants of 32GB and 64GB, which support expansion up to 200GB using a microSD card.


The Apple iPhone SE sports a primary camera of 12MP (f/2.2 aperture) that features dual-LED flash, phase detection autofocus, geo-tagging, face detection, touch focus, HDR, panorama and a secondary camera of 1.2MP. The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a primary camera of 12MP (f/1.7 feature) that supports phase detection autofocus, OIS, LED flash, geo-tagging, panorama, auto HDR, touch focus and a secondary camera of 5MP.


The Apple iPhone SE has non-removable battery of 1624 mAh which is less powerful than the non-removable 3000 mAh battery of the Galaxy S7.

Which one from these two latest smartphones would you choose? No matter if you are a Samsung or Apple fan, please let us know your thoughts.

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60 Responses to “Apple iPhone SE vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 – Choose The Best One”

  1. chhayank April 28, 2016

    look wise, i will go with iphone but overall performance wise i will go with samsung galaxy s7

  2. like the info , thanks

  3. iPhone SE is the best one

  4. me parece una comparativa bastante competitiva, son móviles de alta gama y la comparación ayuda a la decisión a la hora de comprar el producto.

  5. Ashish Samuel April 28, 2016

    S7 is the best very good review sir

  6. iphone is best its battery is much better.better internet speed.excellent

  7. shamim reza April 30, 2016

    its an excellent phone and I wish the phone take huge market share .

  8. Fantastic site to know the info about worthy mobiles... Loved it.....

  9. sonofabeech April 30, 2016

    apple defiantly has a better built and design but compared to price difference Samsung is a better choice .

  10. reshma sarkar May 1, 2016

    Apple is best in its own ways .

  11. kasan May 1, 2016

    but I prefer samsung , because apple is too expensive .


  12. Saumya May 1, 2016

    I choose Samsung S7

  13. Budpri May 1, 2016

    Besides these technical differences, the real user experience is also important for a continued use of a phone

  14. Umang May 1, 2016


  15. saad Hasan May 1, 2016

    This is my best phone of 2016.....

  16. My loving mobile.....

  17. mohammed sami bazzari May 2, 2016

    i perefer samsung brand at all

  18. Salman Faris May 2, 2016

    The article above is very useful. The thing is that, despite apple lags behind in statistics, it performs better when it comes to real usage. and the itunes accounts, icloud and many other services make apple unique. I'll go with apple, any day.

  19. they are both great

  20. Mirza85 May 3, 2016

    Why only 12mp primary cam., and secondary only 1.2mpix ? Thats bad for Apple.

  21. vedika May 3, 2016

    I like samsung the most

  22. james May 3, 2016

    i hate that phone

  23. Gosto da Apple,é um aparelho que não decepciona.

  24. Shagufta Yeasmin May 4, 2016

    Hey I am from Bangladesh, I would like to know that is Apple iPhone SE available in bangladesh? Please inform me. How its cost to purchase one The Apple iPhone SE.

  25. apple"s battery is just so trash

  26. cristiam May 4, 2016

    elegiria el samsung galaxy s7,es un movil de alta gama q tiene de todo,y es facil de manejar.

  27. deepak May 4, 2016

    samsung galaxy is better

  28. Aritra Saha May 4, 2016

    apple phones are way more reliable and better than samsung mobiles

  29. Mister Xx May 4, 2016

    This is coolest think ever

  30. The new Iphone looks way better than Samsung's.

  31. Jewel May 5, 2016

    Samsung Galaxy S7 is best

  32. waw what a picture

  33. NAMRATA MAKWANA May 5, 2016

    Amazing iphones from Apple..
    love the apps and user friendliness of this phone - good features....

    • NAMRATA MAKWANA May 5, 2016

      i believe Apple iphones are much efficient compared to Samsung Galaxy S7.
      durable, reliable and well known to the entire world.

  34. darking May 5, 2016

    los 2 me parecen marcas de la mejor calidad cada quien con su preferencia

  35. Despite the hardaware the Samsung Galaxy be better still prefer the Apple system since the Samsung gets too dirty android .

    • This green outfit is trenigrigg my green eyed monster. I don't know how many times I have commented on this but your legs...! One day you'll have to share your secret to those pins with us all

  36. thierry May 6, 2016

    i think i phone SE is the best one

  37. I alws prefer Samsung bcz I think is h good features den apple.

  38. Danyal May 6, 2016

    look wise, i will go with iphone but overall performance wise i will go with samsung galaxy s7
    . i am using Samsung Galaxy s7 is the best .

  39. Claudiu May 6, 2016


  40. samsung had the best phones in the world. theyre the first one who invented the latest android phones so i guess they have the crown for this category.

  41. i love samsung and thats one thing is for sure

  42. JITENDRA KUMAR May 7, 2016

    i think i phone is the best one

  43. I will prefer Apple no matter what, but samsung has good features.

  44. hassan May 9, 2016

    Apple has no match experience....galaxy is not even close.....

  45. Payal May 11, 2016

    I have always been an Apple user, but after reading this would definitely like to try my hands on to a Samsung phone.

  46. Will always go for android gadgets like Samsung, it gives you what you need in a very reasonable fair price.

  47. I will go with apple in terms of durability and IOS was very good when compared android may be samsung good in some features like camera display clarity over all performance goes to apple

  48. Sudip May 28, 2016

    The video quality of S7 is better than iPhone.

  49. S7 performance and battery life is poor when compared to iphone..

  50. Samsung Galaxy .......My favourite

  51. really cool

  52. eliomar campos July 31, 2016

    para mi ambos tiene un excelente desempeño en cuanto a su tecnologia y diseño pero al elegir uno elijo
    al de mayor rapidez en todo lo sentidos

  53. apple need to give option of expendable storage

  54. Dennis Echegaray Ortega August 7, 2016

    My favourite between Samsung Galaxy and Iphone SE is Galaxy. It´s the better.

  55. i like it

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