10 Things You Can Do With Windows Phone And Not With iPhone

How the iPhone has some elements responsible for the large number of followers, Windows Phone also has other pluses that can be interpreted as an advantage.

I decided to make this list to demonstrate that the benefits of a platform in front of the others are subjective. It's not an operating system that is perfect, it is to consider all the details when you decide what suits you. The 10 items that I will describe below are not necessarily vital but important. Are just details that might not know them and that, cumulatively, could convince you to take a new look at a WP8 device. It's simple. I have always believed that a gadget magic is in the details, and for a Lumia 920 smartphone, or any other Windows Phone 8 details are sufficient as not to be overlooked.

10 Things You Can Do With Windows Phone And Not With iPhone 2

1. Screen Size

Windows Phone 8 operating system is optimized for smartphones with large screens. The latest iPhone barely managed to reach 4 inches, while devices with Windows Phone often have a diagonal of 4.5 inches or greater.

2. Microsoft Office

Microsoft lost significant amounts of money as long as the company does not reach the Office suite in one form or another on the iDevices. While also, however, a Windows Phone is running Microsoft Office. You can seamlessly open, create, edit any file with PowerPoint, Excel or Word. The files that you see on desktop and editing interface are optimized for mobile in a very efficient manner. No matter how many Office suites or application compatible with Microsoft formats are found in the AppStore from Apple, many users would like to get their hands on the original package created in Redmond and have no chance.

3. The main screen

The main screen in iOS is set in stone, possibly later change from time to time and that's the arrangement of icons. Windows Phone has a variety of different color themes that can easily change. Another feature that you personalize is user experience that is missing on the iPhone, the possibility of resizing icons according to their importance.

4. Dynamic Content

On Windows Phone we have Live Tiles. We have widgets with content that changes in real time and can be resized to suit your taste. Thus, we can see real-time updates related to Facebook from Live Tile on the related application. Also on the main screen we can see information about the weather behind an icon whose content is changing relative to the atmospheric situation outside. The only dynamic thing in iPhone is that you can see how many notifications have each application by a very small number hanging in the corner of each icon. For WP8, developers determine the type of content that is succeeded by a Tile.

10 Things You Can Do With Windows Phone And Not With iPhone

5. Charging Cable

Any device with Windows Phone, no matter how new or old uses a microUSB cable for data transfer and charging. If you lose the cable and want to buy another costs $1-$2. iPhones custom cables cost between $20-$30. In addition, the iPhone cable can only be used on the iDevice, while a cable that came with a Lumia smartphone is suitable in many situations. Ruthlessly to Apple to turn to Lightning port type is bad when you're at work and you forgot your charger cable at home. Unfortunately, the possibility to anyone having such a cable is very small.

6. Virtual wallet

Any device with WP8 includes a Wallet app whose functionality includes managing credit cards, bank accounts and various discount coupons. In the United States already can use that "wallet" to make purchases both online, in shops and in regular stores. As will be more phone operators involved in this initiative will be much easier to pay your bill or make acquisitions of applications that will appear on the next phone bill. On the iPhone there is Passbook, a summary of coupons whose functionality is close to zero outside the U.S.

7. NFC

Although there have been promises as the next iPhone will include NFC functionality (Near Field Communication), this did not happen. Meanwhile, most smartphones with Windows Phone 8 include an NFC chip that allows you to make the transfer of information with a simple tap between two phones, passwords or other complicated procedures.

8. Wireless Charging

Samsung has already gained many followers by integrating in the last two devices of the Galaxy S series of wireless charging module. The same is true on Windows Phone across multiple devices from Nokia and HTC. There will be only one pad that can be kepy on the desk and smartphone battery will charge without problems as long as the phone stays in place. Unfortunately, this notion, without wires it seems that it is not synonymous with the philosophy of the product they have at Apple when it comes to iPhone.

9. Child's play

Kids Corner is a special section of a devvice with Windows Phone which can significantly limit the activities that a child undertakes on your device. The rest of the operating system is safe and not have to get stressed out that your son or daughter accidentally initiates a call, answer a mail or write a text message. Basically, you can take care of other tasks as long as someone is playing on your smartphone. On the iPhone not only there isn't a similar functionality, it is impossible to secure the specific types of data or applications with a code or a password. This is why you can never relax when a child or even a friend will take your phone for ten minutes.

10. Integration with social networks

In iOS 6, Apple revealed the Twitter account and Facebook integration throughout the OS. For this reason, you can now easily post content to Facebook or Twitter from Safari, from the gallery or the Maps application. On Windows Phone, things are taken to a whole other level when it comes to socializing. After you have entered the various accounts in the configuration panel of WP8, you always aggregate content on Linked In, Facebook, Twitter or Google on the main screen of the device. When you access a phonebook contact with a Facebook profile associate, near telephone number and email address, you can see what has done in recent months, the entire Newsfeed is a swipe away.

In addition, all the pictures you've ever posted on a social network you will see them in the photo gallery on the Windows Phone like they already were on your smartphone from there you can save or share them on. These are just a few examples that Microsoft and its hardware partners make them very well. Moreover, it is obvious that Windows Phone will not stop here, since Windows Phone 7 was the most significant changes with each iteration. Instead, the iPhone substrate changes were not substance, with each version of iOS. Only a trained eye can for example to realize at first sight that is in front of an iPhone with iOS 4 or iOS 7. We hope that in the next six months to see radical changes to iOS front, until then Windows Phone is getting better.

Rating: ★★★★★ 


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