Windows 10 – Why You Should Upgrade?

Windows 10 – Why You Should Upgrade

Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users have two more days to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, if they have a valid license. After July 29, upgrading to Windows 10 will no longer be possible, so you should hurry up and take the step, otherwise you’ll pay $119 to purchase the Home Edition or you’ll pay $199 on the Pro Edition. In this article, we’ll focus on both the positive and negative aspects when using Windows 10.

Cortana is a direct response to Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Now, as it provides similar functions to the desktop. Cortana was firstly introduced in Windows Phone 8.1, then it made its way to the new Windows 10 software and it allows users to control desktop functions using their voice. Soon, Apple and Android will get a version of Cortana, but that’s a different story.

Windows 10 users don’t need to create an account in order to log into their devices. Microsoft made this mistake with Windows 8 and users were put off. Gamers are drawn to Windows 10 because it supports the latest DirectX 12 graphics interface, which boosts gaming speed and reliability, while less power is consumed.

Those who want to open multiple windows at the same time and work in parallel with more applications can create virtual desktops using the “Task View” feature. Updates will be automatically installed and the Windows Media Center application has been ditched, and users will no longer have the ability to play DVD content.

Windows 10 is bad for owners of old computers with obsolete hardware, because they can’t handle the new software and they stop working properly. If you recall the case of the woman who tried to install Windows 10 and her device became unresponsive, preventing her to work.

Windows 10 – Why You Should Upgrade 2

There are some privacy concerns regarding Cortana, because many users don’t trust the digital assistant, as it collects data about their habits. Another complaint is regarding the removal of desktop gadgets, which were popular in Windows 7. “Gadgets could be exploited to harm your computer, access your computer's files, show you objectionable content, or change their behavior at any time,” was the reason invoked by Microsoft.


Peter Bright from ArsTechnica

The biggest problem with Windows 10 is that we have little reason to use it beyond work. At home, I have a smartphone and mobile applications and websites that do not require Windows, and sometimes they do not quite match the Windows world. Windows 10 is a reminder that the operating system is not only important in itself. Among the first things it needs is for me to log into a Microsoft account. But this feels like a tough approach to us to use Microsoft services (most unpopular and lower) as OneDrive or Bing.

Geoffrey Fowler from The Wall Street Journal

It is time that Microsoft to start from the beginning and that's exactly what Windows 10 is (...). It’s not just a refresh of the Windows operating system. Is a big, ambitious, universal OS running on applications across multiple different devices. (...) With Windows 10, Microsoft fix, finally, all the problems in Windows 8 desktop. But ignores at the same time, the challenges we have in front with Android and iOS devices.

Let us know you opinions about Windows 10 if you’ve installed it on your PC. In the next article we will present the most user bugs and fixes.

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  1. Tatiana July 27, 2016

    i like Windows10. At first time i had some troubles with understanding, but now i understand all and i like this new version of windows

    • I been Upgraded to Windows 10 but it seemed to had slowed my computer down

      • yes , even i have also notice that after getting window 10 my computer became little slow, also i heard that every year u have to renew your license of window like antivirus, is it true?

    • I hate windows 10... prefer windows 7.

  2. Ótimo artigo!

  3. kureshi shamsul islam July 28, 2016

    windows 10 will be very good but ihave windows 8 currently and iam happy with windows 8
    thanks for this

  4. Martin July 28, 2016

    I feel comfortable with Win7. Upgrade can wait.

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  7. Sayed Elsofey July 28, 2016

    This Is Amazing , After i read this topic i think to upgrade to windows 10

  8. gandu raviteja July 29, 2016

    yes it is correct

  9. i have recently ungraded and its osum and easy to use as windows 8.1

  10. rahul wayde July 29, 2016

    Windows 10 has a best features than the windows .
    Yes Windows 10 is much better than Windows 8.

  11. maxwell July 29, 2016

    Frequent upgrades is an issue with windows 10

  12. vicorreia July 29, 2016

    very good recommendation and good article ... Windows 10 personally I like a lot and is very fast

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  14. asif parvez July 30, 2016

    I already installed windows 10.Really i love Cortana feature.thanks for sharing this article.It is helpful for windows user.

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  16. Junaied Hossain July 30, 2016

    This is very nice and helpful articles.

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    nice information on windows10

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    I think windows 10 is divine

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  22. ADARSH P July 31, 2016

    Processing speed is high compared to windows 7,8.

  23. when i installed windows 10 in my laptop it slow down my laptop's processing speed and it hangs a lot

  24. i have installed windows 10 from a cd. but it could not activate . what can i do now?

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  27. Windows 10 work easily. Will upgrade window because we shouldn't create a account in order to login into other devices. And the main things is that we opens a many tab in task bar option. And we works parlllel in some tabs. And in windows 10 updates are already installed.

  28. Alania Hassell August 2, 2016

    Only upgrade if you know how to use Windows 10...If not, I am sure there are websites or classes that wil teach it.

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  30. manojkch August 2, 2016

    really it is wonder and better than before solving technical issues easily than before manojkch

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  32. Stephin August 2, 2016

    thanks for letting me give a review. compared to windows 8 , windows 10 is user friendly but it still has to fix some bux. Getting problems in wifi connection after upgrade. expecting better layouts for icons.

  33. alejandro August 2, 2016

    thats good dude!

  34. Beatiful Windows 10

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    we need to upgrade the os for new update

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  37. Win 10 has special features that is absolutely good

  38. Md Saiful Islam August 4, 2016

    Windows 10 would be great for me.

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    i like windows 10 because it is very fast in terms of performance keep up the good work!

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  41. Jarrel Jones August 4, 2016

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  43. Stefan Joveski August 4, 2016

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  44. Kean Huei Lim August 5, 2016

    Impressive interface and user friendly, however, there are many issue appear after upgrading to Windows 10 like default program issue, it is annoying

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  47. Rohan divkar August 5, 2016

    windows 10 is far better th win 8

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  49. Sujit Patil August 6, 2016

    there are new features and much more in it.

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  51. Till D'Argus August 6, 2016

    I heard from my friends that the Windows 10 is much worse than Windows 7 and that I shouldn't change my current OS (which is Windows 7).

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  63. I'm using windows 10 for almost 1 year now, and I'm very much satisfied with its performance and upgrades.
    Nice post by the way!!

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  73. Abhilash Jain August 14, 2016

    To upgrade and get maximum benefit

  74. I am currently using Windows10 in my laptop but my laptop went too slow. When I asked a friend, he told me it's because W10 is consuming a huge amount of memory from my internal internal storage. So, I guess, W7 or W8 is better.

  75. amit rai August 15, 2016

    we should try this new os

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    windows 10 will be very good but i use windows 8.1 recently and i am happy with it
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    new update for window10 is faster

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    For the future games windows 10 is needed since it has directx12 support.

  90. JAGDISH VERMA August 29, 2016


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    i like Windows10. At first time i had some troubles with understanding, but now i understand all and i like this new version of windows

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    Windows 10 has become the fusion of what was good in 7 and 8. The return of the Smart Menu is a big welcome back as well as the introduction of Cortana, Windows' own personal virtual assistant.

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