What is the hyperloop?

What is the Hyperloop?

The future of transportation is here! With the collaboration of Tesla and SpaceX companies, a new means of passenger and merchandise transportation is created, the Hyperloop! While the idea of a vacuum tube train has been around for more than a century, it wasn’t until 2012 that it actually came to life! A “fifth mode of transport”, as it was described by Musk, it would provide a better quality of travel, at a greater speed than an aeroplane and a low power consumption!












Image source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/15/Hyperloop_all_cutaway.png/1024px-Hyperloop_all_cutaway.png


The History

The idea to create such a transit has been known since 1799 when George Medhurst proposed the idea of an atmospheric railway. In 1844, the Dalkey atmospheric railway was built and operated near Dublin for 10 years. It was the first step in the history of designing the Hyperloop. Since then, a lot of research was done to reach to what has been accomplished today. Since 2012, the team of engineers have made many developments in the field, thus creating Hyperloop One. Its first test was performed on the 11th of May, 2016 in the Nevada desert. Today, it awaits the first race ever created, to be conducted in August 2017, in order to find the fastest pod built so far!


The Specifications

Since its conceptualization, there are now several Hyperloops in design. We will see the specifications according to Musk. In its initial idea, Hyperloop is a suggested means of transit that uses a linear electric motor and pods in near-vacuum (low pressure) tubes at a very high speed.  More specifically, it consists of a series of tubes, where a pod can travel without air resistance or friction, enabling it to travel faster.

The pods, electric powered vehicles, use electromagnetic levitation in order to float, rather than using wheels, thus allowing a greater speed. Basically, a vactrain, where its use of maglev, reduces the power consumption.

The tubes are known as pneumatic tubes or capsule pipelines. These cylindrical containers use air compressors and air bearings to create the vacuum.


Hyperloop one, a company in LA, raised $160million and begun the construction of the prototype. They made their prototype of structural aluminium and carbon fibre and it will be able to carry people and cargo through the tubes silently at 1080km/h without turbulence.














Image source: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/8840875/h1_image_3.jpg


The Future


With the upcoming contest of speed on our doorstep and the plans for functioning systems to exist by 2021, we have a lot to expect. Currently, there are scheduled routes to be considered like Glasgow to Liverpool in under 47 minutes. Dubai, always the fighter for the progress of the technology, has already signed for a creation of a line to the capital of UAE. At the moment, testing of the tube are taking place and specials are trying to create and insert the guidance system. Even though it looks like we are still a bit far from commercial use, the future appears fruitful for the Hyperloop around the world, same as tonybet casino !











Image source: https://electrek.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/hyperloop-one-test-track-2017-2-e1488903803944.jpg?quality=82&strip=all&strip=all&w=1500&h=1000


The considerations

1)    Critics argue that, while a technological advancement as such has good intentions, its actual use may be far from pleasant. Travelling in it would mean no windows, frightful sounds (travelling at this speed can sure cause many loud noises) and vibrations. All this while functioning perfectly, without mentioning any factors of malfunctioning.

2)    All the tests and designs are done within normal circumstances. However, even a minor change in the ground, from e.g. an earthquake, could cause damage, safety issues and financial costs.

3)    Economically, while the lands proposed so far to be used are not as expensive as one might think, but using elevated constructions is. This means that the whole project will need an extremely large budget and consequently that would raise the price of the tickets. It is also in the debate, whether or not the progress of Hyperloop will affect the maintenance of the previous transportations still used daily by all.

4)    The design is built in such a way, where Muller debates that it may become an easy target for terrorist attacks due to the weakness of the tubes.

5)    Lastly, it is argued whether the solar panels planned to be built along the lines of the system will generate enough power for the air compressors and propulsion.










Image source: http://www.mercurynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/20130812_024844_0813hyper2-1.jpg?w=600

No one knows what the future holds. The project has definitely many difficulties to overcome, may they be social, political, economical or even technical as a new slot sites no deposit required. One thing is certain. Everyone awaits its progress and creation to bring us one step closer to a brighter tomorrow.


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