Top Reasons Not To Subscribe To a Video Streaming Platform

It’s understandable how you might be a little cautious about subscribing to a service online in order to watch your TV shows or movies. If you are coming from a classic format and are used to inserting a disc in order to watch a movie, then you are definitely going to find video streaming a bit off, at least at first. However it won’t take you long to get adjusted and once you do, you will find that there are many reasons for which a streaming service is the best option right now.

Platforms like Netflix have proved that video streaming can be quite a lucrative business as other big players like Amazon have since joined in with their own service. There are way more than just two services and with alternatives like ShowBox, you can be sure that you’ll find the platform that has exactly the right combination of content and services that you’re looking for.

So why should you subscribe to a streaming service? If you can’t think of any reasons yourself, it’s OK because we’re doing it for you. Here are some of the best reasons we could think of for why you can really benefit from subbing to a streaming service.

It’s super convenient

Nothing beats the convenience and when you’re talking about convenience, nothing beats video streaming. Your days of carrying heavy bags full of movie cases on your trips or when you are going over to a friend’s are over. With video streaming you can easily watch content from any computer. It’s as easy as logging on to your account and pressing “play”.

It’s a lot cheaper

One major difference between your physical movie collection and your digital movie collection is the price. When you buy digital, you are just buying the content. Not buying the box as well saves you quite a bit and that’s why digital movies are cheaper. If you subscribe to a streaming service you don’t even have to buy movies at all. You can just pay a monthly fee and have access to tons of movies.

Instant availability and exclusivity

Movies and TV shows tend to be available a lot sooner on streaming services than on physical discs. This means that you get to watch your favorite shows a lot sooner and even if they were to come out on the same day, it’s still a matter of a couple of clicks versus having to go to the store, buying it and coming back to watch it. The popularity of online video streaming has reached such heights that companies are even releasing exclusively for this platform in some cases. Other times they release full seasons of a show at once, having all episodes premiere at the same time for those subscribed to such a service.

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