The PSN Attack: Damage Inevitable

Now with the fourth week of its downtime, the PlayStation Network has certainly received a handful of damages: consoles being damaged, users’ money in danger and of course the gaming cum multimedia, everything almost becoming non recoverable .The financial losses to the company have not been estimated yet as the case is not over but well predictions in million or more are there on the charts.

Attackers being some anonymous hackers (or users as suspected), this hack has been so well spread and dynamic that the attempts to recover never seemed enough and now users are even migrating the platforms from PlayStation to Microsoft X-Box 360.While FBI is on the case, the question of online access of applications and data has risen again and will be under the limelight till the PSN recovers and the damages are well compensated monetarily as well as data wise.

Figures say that around 10million users were registered using their credit card on the network and so is the threat. Sony, however, claims that no evidence of stealing of credit card numbers has been found as they were stored in encrypted format unlike the personal information.

Launched in 2006, the PSN offers high quality gaming and media services to the PS3 and PSP users over the net with most the services totally free of cost. The network has into linear growth since its launch having all the major games, cartoons, social websites available on it and provides its services in  more than 51 countries .The PSN has been considered one of the strongest reasons of the PlayStation leading the other gaming consoles like X-Box and Nintendo Wii from a large margin. It has been credited to be the fastest growing and the largest online community in the world based on online gaming and multimedia content sharing.

Restoring such a big network will definitely take lots of efforts but an equal faith can be invested in the corporation who started it and is still promising to put it back at its earlier stage of fabulous gaming and content sharing as it has already started the restoration process, according to the official website.

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