The Lion Strikes

Apple has been always into the innovative operating system zone and is credited as the only source which is responsible for evolution of the major operating systems of computers and mobiles. The giant strikes again with the launch of their new OS, The Apple OS-X Lion. Launched recently by their maestro CEO Steve Jobs, the Lion is having more than 250 new features which altogether have given a new powerful experience to the Mac.

The new OS has some fabulous features that essentially enhance the computing experience, making it very easy to use a Mac and of course the most recommended. The most exciting feature coming in it is the multi touch gesture look. Now you don’t have to actually use forward and backward buttons but just a swipe of the fingers will do the job for you, whether it is zooming in or out, surfing between different windows, reading a long pdf or word document, the swipe will do it for you. An easy but handy feature has been included through which one can resume his work on any application right from the point it was left. Interestingly, unlike other systems, no saving feature is required here but the work resumes even if the system is forcefully shut down or it goes out of power, hence saving quite a time for those who work on the go.

Improving the high definition viewing, the OS-X Lion has made the usual applications like the Safari default with the full screen view. Even the menu bar hides and the dashboard goes full screen, thereby taking the experience to the maximum. This feature is enhanced with the gesture navigation facility which we took in the beginning.

Airdrop, the drag and drop feature gives the easiness to send files wirelessly without even the use of the Wi-Fi. The file is transferred in encrypted format to the Macs which are at 30 feet radius of proximity. Such feature is quite a lucrative for those institutions which seek easy an economical file sharing.

All the features have a control house called the Mission Control which is actually a hub to access the full screen applications as well the mails, documents, chat, gesture computing, calendar, internet restore  and so on. The Mac grows more robust with the internet restore feature and locking of files. Now a system can be recovered without the need of optical discs as the data is stored in the hard drive. The Time Machine is always an option for safe back up of important data.

One very appreciable thing with people at Apple is that they know the thirst for technology never ends. So even though they have loaded the OS with lots of features and the Apple Macs come with quite a much of hard drive space, they have made the system customizable and have provided access to the app store too. So, if you find the system lacking down with the features, an option is always there to make it updated.

Such interesting features and still counting for the new surprises Jobs is ready for after his return from medical leave. While Apple is busy with giving the people its best, the technology experts are wondering that how will the other companies will tackle the Lion’s reign and its hunt to take down the other OS of the market.

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