How to Recover Lost Data on Your PC

Losing critical data is always a bummer, and sometimes it’s much more than that. You can lose your job and get into even more severe trouble, depending on the gravity of the situation and the importance of the files you just lost and clumsily deleted, thinking that they were something else. Once you realize that those important documents that needed to email to your boss or those crucial prints which were intended for your family lawyer are suddenly missing, the first thing you do is panic. It’s pretty rare to see someone in that kind of situation that doesn’t panic. Know that options are waiting for you. Here is what you can do:

Check the recycle bin

Most of the stuff you delete by accident ends up there. A lot of people simply don’t think about it because it’s too obvious, but sometimes the obvious solution is the one about which you should think. If you’ve deleted your files recently, chances are they might still be recoverable from the bin.

Check your backups

Computers nowadays are hooked to all kinds of backup services. From the Windows backup feature which lets you restore your system to a previous point in time, to third party cloud storage backups that allow you to download back everything that was uploaded prior. Make sure that you can’t use backups to your advantage here before trying something else.

Try a data recovery program

Software developers have taken note of the necessity for such programs, and thus data recovery software was born.  There are numerous data recovery tools available, both free to use and paid, and each offers standard options plus some specific, unique features. Here are some of the best ones that you could use to recover your stuff:


It is a well-known data recovery solution, and many people use it on a regular basis. It is easy to use, and it features an extensive list of options which allow the user to be thorough with their recovery process.


Yet another well known software solution, people tend to like this one thanks to the ease with which it is able to recover information from multiple types of devices. If you want to recover something that was lost but not specifically on your computer’s main hard drive, you might want to look into using this memory card recovery tool as your free data recovery software.

Wise Data Recovery

If free is what you’re looking for, you might as well try Wise Data Recovery as well. It’s another great option and it will help you get your files back. It’s very easy to use and this works to your advantage something fierce if you’ve actually no previous experience with data recovery software.

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