Android …Safe No More?

It was started at Palo Alto, California in the year 2003, when Android was devised so as to provide a better and smarter mobile experience. Its development was a total secret, till Google bought it in the year 2005.The progress this OS made since then is phenomenal, not only it has ended the decade long rule of Symbian as the most used OS but has also proved itself than all the other OS available in the market including the Apple OS, Blackberry OS and the latest Windows mobile. With a large application market and constant updates and new versions getting released, Android has wasted no time in proving its mettle. At present it not only has most number of developers but also most number of hardware providers including Dell, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. After the mobile phone market, it has also given boon to the newly emerged tablet computer market. Google has already announced the new version “Ice-cream Sandwich “which will be common to both, mobiles and tablets.

However after their latest release, that is the Gingerbread, Android has been facing quite a number of anomalies. Once regarded the most robust OS for the mobile devices, Android is now quite malware harassed. Lack of the application filter has made lots of false applications to get them into the devices making them vulnerable to quite a number of damages. From viruses to the fatal Trojans, all malicious softwares have started to show their effect on the devices.

A recent survey details that number of malicious softwares for Android have increased by 400% in the recent months. The versions below the latest i.e. 2.3.4 Gingerbread are at 99% security risk, according to the reports. However, the unencrypted Wi-Fi vulnerability has still been taken care of even though Google plans to release a fix for the issue. Through the unencrypted Wi-Fi bug, hackers can access every single file stored in the Android device.

Delivering a complete set of software stack for mobile devices, this OS is certainly quite at threat for the obvious reason of being Open Source. Also, people have been so easy with this OS that only around 15% of the users have anti virus installed in their Android phones. With the free apps market on a linear increament, stopping such applications can be next to impossible unless Google verifies every application which sounds quite unending as the applications won’t ever stop coming to this ocean.

Responding to this sudden upheaval, experts say that, with the boom that Android received from all over, such an attack was expected as apart from too popular, it is also an Open Source OS. The concerns over security should have been addressed earlier by Google and Open Handset Alliance but they were already too busy in establishing the market and now when Android has become a second name for the tablet computers, they are gearing up to clean the garbage. As per today, Google has removed over 65 malicious applications from the Android market and is fairly supporting all the Android phones. Google’s observers say that since Android has been a real show for the company, they wont be stopping up the future plans they have but it might come up with a strong security for the system, which is speculated to be embedded in the system itself, meaning that no need of extra anti viruses needed to be installed in the machine.

With the scenario going way too dynamic, one cannot predict the next thing that is going to arrive to the Android except for the fact that software security market can see a rise far too soon than expected.

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