10 Things To Note When Getting a Domain Name

10 Things To Note When Getting a Domain Name

In today’s world of technology the basic necessity for any business to prosper is to embark a proper business plan by creating a fabulous website for their organization. Creating a website requires the indulgence of your soul and heart with careful planning. The most important aspect while designing your website is that your domain name should be a memorable and catchy one. The business names that you create might have a positive result on your success or sometimes also negative impact as well. Therefore it is essential that you consider the following ten things that you should not do when getting a Domain name-

1.    Do not get your domain name without an objective

You should first understand your business plans and the goals that you are planning to achieve with your web site. Decide whether you are getting a domain just for hobbies or your interests then choose the domain names accordingly.

2.    Is the domain name from the content?

The two things that you need to take into consideration while selecting the domain names are the phrases and keywords. You should remember to choose the keywords from the phrases in the web site contents depending on the products or services that the web pages are focusing on in order to increase traffic to your site.

3.    Do not forget to get the proper Domain ending

You should select the domain ending the “dot com (.com). in a top level such as the –TLD. If you want your domain name to be specialized in a particular legal structure for example if your domain ending need to represent the education field then it is denoted by (.edu).  And similarly if you want to select the domain ending with a specific url then it is essential to get with (.info). This ending is less expensive than the dot coms and yet more efficient and therefore never limit your domain name to dot com.

4.    Avoid Hyphens and dashes

It is wise to avoid using hyphens to your main domain names because it would cause some error while dictating to someone your domain name. Hyphens can be added while you want to create a domain for the splash page of your main web site. If your web site is strictly to be used for the online crowd alone then hyphens and dashes can be used because people might find it easy to copy paste your link to your web site. But it is always safe to avoid dashes and hyphens.

5.    Avoid lengthy domain names

The domain name that you choose need to be a memorable one which is simple, short and sweet. The basic purpose that you should concentrate while selecting the domain name is that it should be easy for the audience to hear it correct while they listened to the domain name. They should spell it properly and remember it easily. The long domain names could be misspelled causing negative impact.

6.    Avoid the too short domain names

Yes! That is true- shorter domain names are better than the long ones but you should also be careful not to create a domain name that is too short. It becomes very hard for the audience to read and understand the concept of your website. You should brand your domain names by adding proper letters which are enriched with readable words.

7.    Avoid using confusing domain names

The domain name that you choose should be spelled exactly in the same manner it sounds verbally. In case it is different from the way it sound then this factor can even mislead the traffic to your competitive web site. Therefore be clever and make the domain name concise and clear.

8.    Purchase your domain name from a well reputed seller

The seller from whom you are purchasing the domain name should be a genuine one. Therefore it is essential that you do some research work about the background of the web store that is selling it. Check and confirm if they are the accredited owner of the name and if he has registered the domain names according to the rules. In case you want to double check then you can make use of the website known as the WHOs which would show you the complete details about who owns the particular domain name.

9.    Avoid using trademark name

Infringement of the   trademark is another important aspect that you need to avoid before registering your trademark name. In case you have purchased an already existing trademarked name then it might lead to some legal dispute.

10.  Avoid registration of domain names for less than five years

Remember the least period of time that you need to register your domain name should be at least for two years. The longer you stay in the search engine while people are searching for your services, more will be the crowd that you are going to generate through traffic for your website. Therefore choose the registration pans accordingly.

There are thousands of registrars available for registering your domain name and since it is the initial investment that you are making for a successful business chooses it in a wise manner by avoiding the above cons. Good luck!



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    Thanx it helped me a lot.
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    i can check it later.It is a gantastic topic.
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