Scr.Im – Prevent Your Emails From Bots – Reduce Spams :)

Anyone ever tried is a web tool which encrypt our emails into a short URL, making it unacceptable by email catching bots. Email Bots go through the website and extracts all the emails there using a simple algorithm. Email Bots are set to extract words coming in the format, so no bots are going to extract our mail if we miss @ or if we simply give only the username and tell people what service it belongs to.

But that is not possible in comment forms, and some other websites where people interact. So to prevent Email Bots, is a very intelligent and efficient tool. It converts our email into a short url, yes it makes our email like a web url and redirects itself as a mail id once it is accessed. So not bots extracts, or simply, the mail can be only used my real people and no spam will be hitting your mail.

If You use WordPress in Your Blog, You can Simply use Plugin and Use their API to keep your readers emails away from bot thus making the readers comfortable.

Plugin: Email Saver (There are no Much Users for this Yet i suppose.)

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