Making More Out Of Autoblogs – Exploiting Possibilities For Visitors and Money


Well, Autoblog is Simply against the Flow in a River. We can be a Paper Boat which goes to somewhere with the Flow or We can be Fishes which flow against and reach the destination. So lets become a Fish In Autoblogging which makes possibilities out of nowhere and exploits it.For those who don't know anything other than simply make an Autoblog and Cry saying no visitors can follow up from here :

1. Webmaster Tools : Make use of the Official to host the Duplicates :D. Simply use Google Webmaster tools and Tweak it perfect to suit your Autoblog.

  • Visitor Preference Set To All Countries!
  • Crawl Rate Set to Maximum.
  • At least One Full Sitemap.

2. RSS  Pingers : Ping o matic and similar things should be sure made into use to give some grasp of our blog to the outsiders.

3. Blog Post Directories : Try out Zimbio  And similar stuffs and constantly Ping the blog and Post the article into the correct and perfect section matching our post content to give out maximum exposure.

4. Easy And Lightweight Backlinks : Simply get some Backlinks! And The most helpful and the easiest way of getting some backlinks, (Not of Huge PR anyways) is here:

  • Open Google
  • Simply Search for Website Worth , Site Worth Calculator, Website Worth Calculator and similar keywords.
  • Open all websites in tabs which stay in the first 2 pages.
  • Simply add your URL and Submit.
  • They will give you a Worth Card, but we don't want that, but the backlinks they Give.
  • Thats it! Try it Out!

So This is the End. If you can Do much more than this, or is doing much more than this currently, Why the Heck do you do AutoBlogging rather than adding up your own content? Do Autoblog only if you cant Work Much.  Its not worth to spend hours for on Autoblogs since we can predict if it will rise up to your Expectation.

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  1. nice one... i lov it

  2. Is that really all there is to it because that'd be flasrebgabting.

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