Live And Automatic File Updation To Hosting Upon Saving Datas – Continous Connection To Server Via FTP For Live Updation

Incoming Outgoing Data Connections

Usable Circumstances : Checking The New Logo, Editing It, Re Checking. And all similar Cases to which this matters like Updation of a Document which has Live Statistics in Every minute or so!

Requirements: A Decent FTP Client Software πŸ™‚

So Here Goes the thing:

1. Login to your host using yours credentials.

2. Upload the file for once that must be Live Updated to the right path, where it should be.

3. Right Click and Select Open/Edit (Different Phrase on Different Clients :)).

4.So now, the document comes open in its Default Application.

5. From Now On, Whenever you Click save, The Original File will be Updated with the Newer Version. πŸ™‚

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