How To : Protect Your Website Content

Often people are  irritated when someone copy your content without even offering a link back to you. Serious blogger do find their content one other sites which cuts off the traffic which has to be driven to his site, and now is being divided to a list of websites.

Well, Here are Some tips to make the website content secure from such Copy cats :

1. Contents are often grabbed out by RSS Content grabbers. So use FeedBurner Feeds instead of a simple RSS or Atom feeds which can be fetched and Copied out Easily.FeedBurner has special features which doesn't allow copy bots to fetch the content.

2. Put Ads on Every Posts and Make it in between the posts such that even if the Content is pulled off, you still make revenues from it.

3. Register your site in Copyscape such that they can immediately ping you when your content is Copied an you can have a DMCA complaint file against the Copy Bot website.(Website where the Content was posted to.)

4. Enable Trackbacks Option so that you can deatily get the URL,IP and more details about the Websites where the content is copied to. You can Ban the IP from Visiting your site again using the BAN IP plugin For WordPress.

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