Spam Protection Plugins For WordPress – Get a 100% Safe And Secure Blog

One Of the Real Headache of the Blog Owners are the Spam Comments which is shed on the blog for the purpose of Backlinks and Page Ranks for the Suspects URL to grasp more exposure to their site via Search Engines And Via Direct traffic referring from the victim's site.  Being the owner of a wordpress blog, its efficient plugins simplifies the task of preventing spams and avoiding the precious bandwidth spent for the spammers. No plugin alone seems to be completely efficient for the function, but 2 Plugins together does the Job Securely With Great Ability and Functionality.

1.Akismet -Akismet is a  plugin which comes with the WordPress Package as Default. Akismet is a high End Spam Catching plugin which automatically catches the Spam comments based on they IP they come, And the comment text, or the no. of links inside etc.

The plugin which am going to introduce next, which should be used together with Akismet is Wp-Ban.

2.WP-Ban - WP-Ban is a fully functional Plugin which allows us to deny access of Certain IPs to the Blog. It allows us to add Single Ips, and it supports Wild card too. This Plugin also allow us to add Exclusion list into the wild cards so that those IPs wont be blocked. They Offer a Custom Message to be shown, when the banned IPs access Your Blogs.

So What To Do With Both Together?

1.Go to The Comments, And There Will Be Comments Kept in the Spam Group by Akismet.

2.Simply Copy Their IP to the WP Ban Box.

3. Simple, They can Never Ever Visit Your Blog Again :).

4. You have Your Safe and Secure Blog With You. Enjoy.

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