How To : Recover WordPress Administrator Password Without Email (Via Hosting Using PhpMyadmin)

WordPress needs a Username and Password for opening the access to its administration panel. The Administrator simply goes to the login page, and tap the username and password and login is done, and he gets the control.

Recovering the Administration Panel Password Of WordPress is not too tough. WordPress offers 1 Simple option for password recovery. i.e the Mail Delivery.

Recovering Password Using the Email :

(Skill Level : Low,  Difficulty : Low, Chance for Errors: No)

1. Go to Admin Login Panel. (

2. Click The  ' Lost Your Password? ' Link there.

3. You will be taken to a Page where you are asked to Fill out the Email Address you were using.

4. Enter the Email and go Forward.

5. Password Resetting link will be mailed to you And You can Change your password using that link.

Once if we dont know the Email Address we were using, WordPress seems to be helpless then. Anyway, Still we can change the password using some advanced methods by editing the database of wordpress.

Advanced Method (Via Hosting)

(Skill : High, Difficulty : High, Chance Of Errors: High)

1.Go to your hosting account.


2. From The MySQL Database section, Find Phpmyadmin.

3.Select the database in which WordPress is installed, from the Left Side where all databases are listed.

4.Now Find WP Users Table and click the browse button straight to it as shown in the picture.

4.Find the Value Admin there among the users created in the WordPress Blog.

5. Click the edit button next to it, and in the opening page, you can see encrypted values for username, password and all other info.

6.Straight to the password column, replace those encrypted word to


(This is a MD5 Hash sum i have created using some sites.)

7.Now Click OK and everything is set.

8.Now go to and enter your password as ' techfreakz ' and you can see that the login will be done.

9. Make sure you change the password at least this time.

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  1. Wonderful journey and experience!

    • @ Christian
      Thank You for Visiting. It was a pleasure helping You. I hope, Now you may be able to Reset your Password ASAP. Do make us know some topics, and we will sure make some more guides.

  2. Really good sharing this.

    • @Christian
      Thats a Pleasure to hear so.
      How else can i help you? Just Comment back and we will Bring up the tutorials you need.

  3. aneybee June 18, 2011

    great post! quick question, can we make a password change (not encrypted) straight on phpmyadmin? thanks.

  4. You need to encrypt your password when updating straight from PhpMyadmin. You can do this via this site:

    or google for other alternatives.

  5. adaimivan October 9, 2011

    Very useful tutorial, thank You!

  6. i was typing to fast and renamed my actual website in the settings area :((((( im so sick right now.. when i choose the link to my log in its just a blank page is there anyway i can retrieve my website????? please help thanks

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