Auto Blog Content Not Doing Well – A Moral View On Indexation and Visitors

Autoblog writing Visitors and Money

Recently I have seen someone who was asking about his Auto-Blog content indexation and then its ranking. What the guy asked for was that His Autoblog Posts weren't being indexed even after a long span of time - Almost 3 Months. So i thought to expand the perspectives on this topic for some readers who has the same troubles being faced.

Why Autoblogs Should be indexed?

People want their Autoblog to be indexed in All major search engines or Simply On Google. Their Motivation simply rests on Making more and more money whereas Search Engines prefer betterment of the Visitors Experience. Search Engines uses algorithms to sort out Content Copies and index only the original content to ensure the credibility to the Content Owner as well as to enhance a better Informative Experience.

So Whats At The End?

Autoblogs are indexed. Yes, they are but not All. Autoblogs which somehow passes out of the Algorithm Check gets indexed and we have no where to complain about the non indexation of Autoblogs.

If You are a person with an idea of making money from AutoBlog, this Post will be extremely frustrating. And For all those, Read this Post : Betterment Of AutoBlog Black-hatters - Exploiting Possibilities For Visitors and Money.

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