Advanced Circuits With Printed Circuit Boards Available on 90-day Limited Warranty

Printed Circuit Boards

Those who are not familiar with printed circuit boards may not be aware that they are used in all kinds of electronic products, as they have a non-conductive substrate onto which is etched copper clad laminated board material that connects electronic components. Into the substrate are embedded capacitors, resistors or active devices. Who uses PCBs? Well, they’re manufactured for Aerospace, Military/Defense, Medical and Commercial Industries. Who manufactures them? There are plenty companies who provide printed circuit boards and Advanced Circuits is one of them. Actually, it’s the third largest PCB manufacturer in the world and its customers have only words of praise.

Let’s start with a short story of the beginnings of Advanced Circuits. The company was founded by Seiko Circuits in 1979, but ten years later it was going out of business and Ron Huston, which had a degree in electrical engineering was called by Paul Bustabade, who convinced him to buy the dying business. Together, they built an empire almost from scratch, or from a 5,000-square-foot garage that didn’t even have a computer or fax machine.

It was extremely hard for them in the first years, barely keeping afloat, and customers were promised 1 to 2 percent discount if they made the payments within ten days. Huston and Bustabade didn’t settle for less and they tried their luck in 1992, when they sent 5,000 brochures to potential customers with the promise to deliver products for free and on time. Also, credit cards were accepted and in short time, they started receiving orders that required fresh workforce. Advanced Circuits hired the first sales associate, then after breaking down the manufacturing of PCBs to 20 processes, things become more complex and the company started to make good money, especially after internet ordering began in 1998.

In March 2008, Advanced Circuits, with its headquarters in Aurora, CO 80011, United States (21101 E 32nd Pkwy) announced that it was named, for the ninth consecutive year, the fastest growing technology companies in Deloitte’s Colorado Technology Fast 50 Program. Its first purchase was Circuit Board Express, which was founded in 1993, in Haverhill, Massachusetts and was a pioneer in the quickturn PCB business. The company continued to acquire Circuit Express (CEI) based in Tempe, AZ and later it received MIL-PRF-31032 Certification (US Government’s technology-specific standard for high-reliability printed circuit manufacturing).

Printed Circuit Boards 2

Another important purchase was Universal Circuits, based in Maple Grove, MN, and in January 2013, Advanced Circuits was announcing PCB manufacturing expansion, offering more jobs at its Aurora Corporate Headquarters. In September 2015,
Advanced Circuits Tempe Division completed IPC PCQR2 submission and two months later, Coastal Circuits became the property of Advanced Circuits.

First time customers who type in “500” in the registration code box when registering will get $500 off PCBs, 50% off first order up to $250 or 50% off second order up to $250. Advanced Circuits has also additional Specials such as Monthly Specials, Bare Bones, Weekend Wonders, Engineering Student Specials, $33 Each - 2 Layer Full Spec Boards and $66 Each - 4 Layer Full Spec Boards. Moreover, customers who receive damaged boards or if the boards get damaged within 90 days from date of shipment, Advanced Circuits will replace the bare board at no charge.

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