Active visualizations with (Mindjet Review)

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This is a product for the busy business executive, who wishes to keep abreast of all and any development in his company. Mindjet offers cloud based services through its products for both computers and hand held connectivity devices like the iPad, iPhone, laptop and tablets so that one can manage his business very effectively at any time of the day. This is because Mindjet offers a whole range of web based services for every professional level in the business. Some of its web based products for effective management of a company are Mindjet connect, MindManager for Windows, MindManager for Mac, Minjet for iPhone and iPad.

A common platform

Mindjet has various products that are currently being used by more than 1.5 million professionals and according to a survey they are used in about 60% of the Fortune 100 companies. This is because the application is web based, does not occupy too much space on one’s computer and enables easy sharing of thoughts and decisions to everybody on the team. The application is such that it functions as an instant messenger between different people and allows input from everyone simultaneously. This tool is of very great help if a person is about to design something new, he can invite his team mates to contribute to a central idea and then the entire process can be refined as ideas can be tossed around very easily with the help of this online tool.

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About the company

Mindjet is global companies with its decentralized system helping many people run their businesses successfully. They were recently on the news for being a very widely used application for conferencing and finding out opinions of people. According to the Mindjet website, they are “trailblazers in collaborative work management software” with a mission to help a person work visually, work together and work smarter. This system is very effective due to the very secure lines on which it works as companies tend to share sensitive information when sharing files with each other at the planning and development stage of a product. Since the information is ‘laid out on the table’ so to speak, it is very easy for individuals seated in many rooms across the world to view the same files and take decisions based on the active discussions between different people.

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Customers using Mindjet are very satisfied and they say that their sales and turnover have increased as much as 25% simply because of the speed and efficiency of this tool to delegate, prioritize and follow up on various parts of a project. Customers are very happy about the resource centre at Mindjet which contains a very efficient customer support service available 24/7 and they can be contacted through email, chat or on a phone number as well. Since the company is global, they have learning centers in various places across the world with service centres to aid the many company services too. The company frequently conducts webinars so that people can update their knowledge on the recent updates and advancements in the software so that they can run their businesses even more efficiently than before.

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  5. Not nearly as useful is you have 64 or 128 bit encryption on Office products. I guess most users do now. So you cant use Outlook task integration or excel sheet syncing. Major bummer.

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