25 TeraByte Super Disc Using Titanium Oxide On Laser Technology

This is not the actually picture of the Super Disc, But just a Picture to Add the beauty of this Post.

The age of Floppy Disks are Already Out, With 1.44 Mb memory in it, it doesn't seem to be worthy for what it is. Now, even the age of Compact Discs seems to be over. 700 Mb seems to be descent, but 4.7GB and 8+ Gb DVDs had already possesed them a great terror. And with the coming on Blue Ray disks, Compact disks seems to be completely Lost to its market which it had.

Now, How about this one? 25 TB super Disc? Yes, 25 TB in a single disc. Calculations goes down. Note it.

1 Tb = 1024 Gb

25 TB = 25 * 1024 = 25600GB :O

Oh God, 25600 GB in a single disc seems to be massive. Well, yes, even my hardisk is just 80 GB :D.

Technically into it, the basic idea of addition, or retrieval of data into a super disc is by Laser Technology with using specific colors. Titanium Oxide is successfully used in the production of the disk since it changes its state with the Presence of Colors from  Metal to Semiconductor. Thanks to the brilliant idea and technology used.

3 Responses to “25 TeraByte Super Disc Using Titanium Oxide On Laser Technology”

  1. I want a 1tb one, let alone a 25tb! My external hard drive only holds 1tb, and that almost £100

  2. Good post! I will try it.. 25600 is amazing!!!

    • @ Justin Dupre
      Yeah 25600 Gb is Really Amazing to Be on a Single Disc :). Yep, Technology.

      @Sammie Banks
      Glad That You got a 1Tb External Memory. Hope You would Get One Disc OF This too. No Idea How Much It Costs.

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