Teach your PC Tablet to Perform Excellently with these Tips and Tricks

Teach your PC Tablet to Perform Excellently with these Tips and Tricks

The tablet PCs are of extreme use for both the virtual and real worlds. In the real world it is used as the pad for holding paper and in the virtual notebook computers as well. The Tablet PC offers the user the freedom and joy of writing on the computer screen just as he or she would write in a piece of paper. It also is designed in a marvelous way that you can browse through the internet using the same device. Now you can use this Tablet PC with skill to bring out the efficiency in output by implementing certain tips and tricks. Let us analyze them-

  • Become familiar with the Tablet PC

If you are a fresher to the Tablet PC comfort zone then it is essential that you start reading carefully the instructions and help provided in the device. The first step evolve in this procedure is to click on the START button then the HELP and SUPPORT button and then you would be able to see the button with the note of "Welcome to Tablet PC”, and when you had clicked on that link then you can read about the features of the computer, the handwriting interface and also about the other special program installed in the PC Tablet. There are options available for customizing your PC Tablet in order to make it function according to your needs. For this feature you should click on the "Start," "Help and Support," then click on the "Customizing your tablet computer" button and start creating your own PC Tablet.

  • Start setting up your Handwriting

Once you have customized the settings of the PC Tablet the control is now under your fingertips. You can start teach the PC Tablet to understand your handwriting style. First click on the "Start," button and then the "Control Panel" and then select the "Tablet and pen settings." Now you can make the necessary changes that you want to create for the Tablet PC to recognize the strokes and curves that you use in your handwriting. You can start using the "Character Pad" instead of the standard "Writing Pad." The "Character Pad" enables you to make your writing in specific spaces instead of spreading all over the screen. You can change your writing style to "Writing Pad’’ once you have become skilled in the particular style and formats.

  • Connect your Tablet PC to the wireless internet

You need to turn on the wireless function once you are connected to the internet in your PC. This feature helps in accessing the internet in any area of locations such as the book stores or coffee shops etc. once the wireless connection is made then you can print it to a wireless printer which would help in connecting with ease without the necessity of the printer cable or a USB.

  • Let Windows Journal be your vital application

Tablet PC is offered with a Windows Journal program that enables you to organize your handwritten letters, notes and many other documents. Therefore it is very important that use Windows Journal as your chief primary application for better performance.


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  1. nice tablet. was looking for such piece only. nice thing.

  2. Memzkie March 23, 2012

    cool advice. I'll try those if I got to buy one.

  3. Giauks July 10, 2012

    There's something bugging me. Is it really worth buying those... New versions are coming waaay too fast.

  4. These are great tips to know. Thanks!

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