Solitaire in 4 steps – Master the most popular game in less than 10 minutes

There are a lot of cases in which people have stayed far away from Solitaire because it doesn’t look very easy. The fact that a game so simple in theory can look so daunting and menacing for causal gamers is intriguing but unfortunate nonetheless. If you want to be able to talk to your friends about Solitaire or just have something fun to do in the car, the bus or subway, or in any situation where you have a few minutes to spare for the matter, be sure to check out this easy to follow 4 step guide. It will teach you the basics of Solitaire and you can jump from this article straight into your first game. If you’re ready, then let’s get this guide started.

Pre-Step – Download the game

Most copies of Windows come with Solitaire preinstalled but if you want another version or to have something of the mobile variety you should know that there’s a smartphone version as well. Thanks to MobilityWare, you can get Solitaire for iOS and Solitaire for Android now.

Step 1 – Knowing the objective

Even if you’ve never actually played a game of Solitaire, you’ve almost certainly at least once opened the application. A lot of people do and close it shortly after but not before saying something along the lines of “what is this supposed to be?” The game itself isn’t complex but it can sure seem so at first glance due to all the different card piles. The point of the game is to make four piles, each in a different suit. The cards must be in order from Ace to King. That’s pretty much it.

Step 2 - Arranging the cards

Arranging the cards is the main thing you will be doing in Solitaire. You will start out with a lot of cards that are face down but also cards that are face up. Start by taking the face up cards and arranging them so that you have multi-suit piles, in order. So for example, if one pile has the 5 of hearts on top, you can place the four of clubs on top of that one. Keep doing this until you get all the cards uncovered and in this order.

Step 3 – Aces and face down cards

As you uncover Aces, move them in the section above the main piles section. There will be a box where you can place your four Aces. It’s great if you find them as soon as possible. Also, as you rearrange cards, you will eventually run out of face up cards in one or several piles (eventually all of them). When a face down pile ends up on top, flip it face up to see what it is and place it where it’s best.

Step 4 – The end game

As you close in on the game’s end, you will be able to make fewer and fewer moves. When you are no longer able to make any single move, turn cards from the reverse deck face up and use them. Also keep your Aces in mind. Once you get all four of your Aces try to start arranging the four piles in one suit each. You can start as soon as you have the Ace for that suit because that’s its base.

And thus, this is the “overly complicated” game of Solitaire. Once you master the basics you will have a lot of fun and a nice way to spend your free time while waiting for something or someone.

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