How to set iPhone and WP8 interface on Android phones

You have an Android phone, but you like the interface from an iPhone or Windows Phone? With the help of some applications you can use such an interface on your Android smartphone.

One of the biggest advantages of Android operating system is the ability to customize the degree of discretion in achieving certain settings.

However, many Android users appreciate more iOS operating system interface exclusively available on iPhone, partly because it is more elegant.

Equally, there are many users excited of so-called live-tiles available for Windows Phone, but are not willing to give up to Android due to the low number of applications for the Microsoft.

There is also a compromise. If you have an Android phone and appreciate more the interface from iOS or Windows Phone, you can install an app from Google Play Store, which will replace the classic Android interface, HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz with a typical iOS or WP8 one. Such applications are called "launcher" and in this article we will present the most interesting options to have an interface on your iOS or Android WP8.

Best iPhone launch

Here are the most interesting interfaces for iOS:

Fake iPhone 5


Probably the best launcher for iPhone is Fake iPhone 5. It gives you an interface similar to iOS 6 and attached to each icon a native Android one. Icons are represented accurately and elegant, and the application is including lock screen on your iPhone. If you can install Iris pretends to be  Siri on your Android.

Fake iPhone 5 Launcher

A similar application not only in name, but that of functionality is Fake iPhone 5 Launcher which gives you a screen lock slide to unclock similar function like those from iPhone, but also a complete interface similar to iOS. There are 24 functional icons, but the less pleasant part is that the rest of them send you to a web page with advertisements.

iPhone Launcher

iPhone Launcher application also provides an interface similar to iOS 6, but the icons are not represented accurately and the screen lock function is not available. In addition, many users say that this launcher is very slow to navigate, so it is better to think twice before paying for it.

Here are the most interesting WP interfaces:

Launcher 8

Designed by a team of Chinese developers, Launcher 8 is one of the most popular applications for Windows Phone 8 interface. Allows you to adjust the size of tile sites, change their colors, add widgets Android's tile or edit your screen lock. There are also over a hundred themes.

Launcher 7


The application is a replica of the interface of Windows Phone 7 and provides original background from Microsoft. Tile editing is limited (you can only have 2 × 1 tiles), but the colors can be changed at will and there are numerous animations, including address book. Launcher options are available including the application list.

This time it's a launcher, but a simple theme for Windows 8 operating system for PCs and tablets. Once it is activated, the theme seeks to replicate the available tile in Windows 8, but the result is not very spectacular: tile's have rudimentary a look or colors are not very well chosen.


Google Play Store has several interesting applications that allow you "transform" an Android smartphone interface to the one from iPhone or Windows Phone. Some are more successful than others, but all can do is trick your friends you've got an iPhone or a phone with Windows Phone.

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