How To : Make Texts Italics And Bold In Google Talk (Gtalk)

Gtalk :Gtalk is a lightweight chat client initiated and launched By Google Inc which allows fast and simple chat to people who owns a Google account. Gtalk is a free Application which supports Voice Chat and File transfer which makes it a lightweight but a great tool.

Gtalk deals with simple style less fonts all thorough out the chat and provides no option to change fonts or give alignment to them.

But still, the feature was provided by them, but hidden.Here you go

Italics Text

To simply make the text we type to be sent as Italics add  "  _  " an underscore to both the starting and end of the text.

Eg. _ Hello_ will give you Hello in google talk.

Bold Text

To Make the text bold, simply type the text inbetween   *  - a star at the starting and to the end of the text.

Eg. *Hello* would give you Hello to you in Google Talk

Enjoy Google Talking.....! Long Live Gtalk. 😉

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  1. its always nice using Google talk and i believe this insight will help me in better using of the chat client

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