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Many frown upon data recovery software because it implies that you have lost or deleted some important information in the first place. However, many choose to look at data recovery as the means of fixing that wrong. Data recovery is accessible to everyone thanks to the wide array of free solutions that are put at the public’s disposal. In this article, we are looking at some of the best free solutions for recovering valuable files that shouldn’t have had been deleted in the first place. Considering the risks of losing important data without a trusty recovery tool nearby, it would be rather unwise to not have one ready to go in a moment’s notice.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Here’s a good way of getting back everything that has been deleted by accident. It’s in human nature to mess up once in a while, but that doesn’t mean that the mistake has to remain like that. With EaseUS, users are able to access apparently lost information and bring back what seemed to be impossible to recuperate information. Whether users are looking for USB drive file recovery or hard disk recovery, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard does its job and provides helpful solutions

Wise Data Recovery

Yet another useful software, Wise Data Recovery is free to use and brings efficient functionality to the table. If users need to recover something from a USB drive rather than the computer’s main storage unit, that can be arranged. Versatility is an important feature today and being able to accommodate multiple storage types is great.


This app makes it very easy for people that stumble across it, to identify the purposes of this software. When something gets deleted, simply Undelete it. A mix of good functionality and a friendly user interface make FreeUndelete simple to use and intuitive. In a similar manner to the other presented solutions.

ADRC Data Recovery Tool

Keeping true to the nature of the software category it represents, ADRC Data Recovery Tools provides great recovery functions that are bound to bring back any file you had wrongfully sentenced to deletion. In a world where deleting files by mistake isn’t something unheard of (quite common, actually), this software can be a very valuable asset in one’s office toolkit.

Having a good data recovery tool at your disposal at all times is very important although many are overlooking this aspect of data management. Whether we’re talking about a casual home PC or the office computer which contains the company’s most valuable information, having a form of data recovery will ensure that mistakes won’t severely punish employees or users.

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