UTOK Explorer Waterproof – Best MP3 player Of 2015

UTOK Explorer Waterproof - Best MP3 player Of 2015

The emergence of smartphones and their adoption by the majority of the population has led to the decline in popularity of other devices. Come to mind instantly the compact cameras and MP3 players. However, manufacturers have shifted and began to offer products for different audiences. For example, compact cameras have become more efficient, and MP3 players have become more compact and lighter, which is better.

UTOK Explorer Waterproof is the kind of gadget that demonstrates an MP3 player that can still be useful in a time when multimedia content has made home on smart phones.

Above all, it should be noted that it is not a device for everyone. MP3 player is designed specifically for people who do a lot of sport, hence the "joke" with the Ironman in the title.

UTOK Explorer Waterproof is (as you probably already realized) water resistant and comes with 8GB of storage space. Although it does not seem very much, if you have a smartphones with 32 or 64GB of storage, you should know that the 8GB would fit 1,500 songs, so the chances of you getting bored of the music playlist are quite small.

The design is compact and attractive, but not unusual for a device of this kind. The gadget looks like two hands-free headset linked to a thin strip. The design is ergonomic and has only 25 grams, will not interfere at neither running nor with casually wearing it.

For those who want to swim, MP3 player comes with a set of special headphones with protections that prevent water entering the ear. The device itself is IPX8 certified, meaning it is resistant to long dive, so no need to worry about specifics. Because we had no way to test it in a pool, we've tested the device in the tub and shower and we had no problem.

Experience with UTOK Explorer Waterproof

Honestly, we have not used for a long time an MP3 player exactly when we've got our first smartphone. However, we discovered several important advantages of the MP3 player from UTOK.

First, we were delighted by its autonomy, on the box shows that the battery should withstand 10 hours or more of listening. Compared to other MP3 players do not seem very much, but we must take into account the very compact size of this model. However, we've enjoyed several consecutive days without charge the music gadget, since we've used it at work and around the house (about two hours each day).

With the phone was quite complicated because sometimes when we leave the office, the battery is already too low to allow to start playing music to the Bluetooth headset. Another advantage was that I saved the phone battery and I enjoyed more Internet on a single charge.

Quality music is not great and we felt the need for more bass, but the volume is very strong, and since this type of in-ear headphones, outside noise does not penetrate very easily.

We haven't thought to find use for an MP3 player, but UTOK Explorer Waterproof managed to convince me. It isn't a gadget for music lovers, but for those who want to do sport without the phones after them without getting tangled in wires and without sweat or worry about water in the pool. It is also an inexpensive device that you can buy from all around the web. Between October 1st - 10th November, UTOK Explorer Waterproof Headphones will have a discount of 45%.

Let us know your opinion about using these kind of MP3 Players, does they really easy your working schedule? If yes, which one did you’ve used before?

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. I like this post.mp3 are easy to take anywhere like gym,jogging etc which is good.

  2. Mechi_75 November 4, 2015

    Awesome idea. The perfect gadget for when you are on vacation at tha beach.

  3. this is really easy to use and has helped me a lot in my schedule.

  4. music on the go at everywhere and anywhere

  5. marwaibrahim November 5, 2015

    very nice wish to get one

  6. Very interesting

  7. Balakannamma November 6, 2015

    Best MP3 player Of 2015.. water proof player...

    • Na, na? Wer hat da richtig vermutet? ;)Bin ja mal gespannt, was sie sich da fürs nächste Jahr einfallen lassen. Die Meestleisung dürfte damit ja nicht sonderlich zufrieden sein.Ach und Marco: Abu war wohl doch auf der Messe. Als Moderator bei Blizzard.

  8. Tuan Phan November 7, 2015

    i know it

  9. amazing idea. an mp3 that can be used anywhere

  10. My best MP3 player . it is ooosum

  11. Aaron Allaster December 12, 2015

    Yes It can be the best MP3 player right now. we always wanted this type of waterproof device

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  13. Tata_tata January 26, 2016

    As for me, its best MP3 water Proof Player. Like it very much.

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