Ultimate choice of Gaming Consoles

With the introduction of new gaming consoles every game lover finds it real hard to understand the best choice to make amongst the varieties of consoles available in the market. Basically there are three choices provided and you need to analyze them to understand the perfect console that well suits your style and desire. There is never a console that can be considered as the default one but it is essential that you educate yourself about the features and functionality of every game console in order to benefit from them.

  1. Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has introduced enormous exclusive bundles such as the Wii Remote with built in Motion plus, Wii sports and Wii sports Resort last year. The Nintendo has won so many interesting classic titles this year like the Metroid Other M and Super Mario Galaxy 2 that cheers the users effectively. The software of the Nintendo is supportive of playing occasional fitness games, party games, kid friendly fun games that consists of attractive game titles.

The most exclusive release of this year "The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword" is a game that is loved globally because of its adventurous treat with thrilling controls. And the game freaks are eagerly waiting for the all new fascinating Wii U Successor at E3 2011. The Nintendo is the best game console since it offers to its customer’s unlimited entertainment with HD graphics with robust online community and also there are adult attractions available.

  1. Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is always one of the best selling gaming consoles of this era because of its stronger exclusive lineup. It offers to its gamers the online networking experience with the annual subscription of $50 with special deals. The exclusive dashboard update offers the game lovers to save and store with the use of the USB sticks. The new fresh introduction of the Xbox is the Microsoft Kinect with the slim console that contains in built Wi-Fi which offers additional streaming facility of social networking Face Book, Twitter and other entertaining applications such as the ESPN content and built in Blu-Ray.

Xbox also provides default streaming capacities and it recognizes most of the hard drives and music players. This December 6, 2011 Xbox offered a special major dashboard update that enriches the system with newer look and extraordinary functionality. They have introduced more exclusive entertainment games such as the Fable, Halo, Forza and the Gears of War offering its fans ultimate joy of adventure and fun.

  1. Ps 3

Playstation 3 is the considered as one of the best gaming console that keeps its gamers entertained and occupied with its exceptional games for both casual and hardcore game lovers. It promises ultimate excitement with its fascinating library of games that includes InFamous, Little Big Planet Kill zone, Unchartered and much more. Ps 3 is a console with promising list of future titles at competitive price rates. They have introduced 3D games and videophiles if you are searching for greatest and latest built in Blu-ray content conscious media consumers. Ps 3 is an innovative game console with controller based motion controllers for extreme gaming experiences.

10 Responses to “Ultimate choice of Gaming Consoles”

  1. I think that ps3 is by far the most money for value buy, because of the features and the game titles available. I myself enjoy sport or quiz games with interaction like proevolution and Buzz.

  2. Why on earth Wii at number 1? I've read you're reason but yet I doubt it as the Wii is just a terrible choice to a gamer. And yes, a gamer not a kid, not a child, not a family. Gaming Consoles are for gamers, period.

  3. Nintendo Wii my 1st choice

  4. for me, nintendo wii is the best console game, because of the way you play it

  5. Shiningstar January 7, 2012

    "The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword" and the other special games really make life enjoyable.

  6. still ps3

  7. Webstone January 26, 2012

    God damn it.Wii at the first place???
    For me Wii is the shitiest console ever made by Nintendo.

  8. Nemanja April 26, 2012

    For me XboX should definitely split 1st place with PS3, Wii is yet nothing as close as these two giants...

  9. pandu laksono August 13, 2013

    well, PS 3 and X Box have same quality for the VGA but i think PS 3 controller have more comfortable than X-Box... ^_^

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