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The TV market is full of 4K devices right now, but making the right decision when picking one is not as easy as it might seem. The 4K technology has been available for a few years already, and because of that manufactures have lowered their prices and improved their product quality to be able to compete on the market.

The first thing a customer has to think of when buying a TV is about what size he wants the TV set to be. Try to choose a size that fits your intended area perfectly, to give a more immersive experience when watching a movie.

After doing a detailed search of what retailers are offering, we have compiled a list with the top 4K TV available on the market right now.

Hisense 50H7GB2 TV

The first 4K TV on the list is going to be the Hisense 50H7GB2 TV. The Chinese company that produces this TV has managed to combine 4K features with the affordable price of $499.00. The TV is going to ship with features such as LED display technology, 120Hz refresh rate and Smart TV capability. The reason this 4K TV has such an affordable price is because the thickness it has. It is considerably thicker than most standard TV’s out there.

LG 65EF9500 65-inch 4K TV

This is as high end a TV can get. The features implemented by LG in their TV are OLED display technology, HDR-compliant and a webOS 2.0. What makes this TV special is the huge size it comes in, and also the OLED technology. The OLED display provides the TV with impressive color representation, having an unmatched contrast ratio.

The TV is regarded as one of the best TV’s available for the public at the moment, but keep in mind the fact that the TV is pretty expensive. The LG 65EF9500 is priced at $3,334.00 on Amazon.

VIZIO P602ui-B3 60-inch Ultra HDTV


The TV is priced at $2,014.98 and it features 64 active LED zones complemented by a 240Hz refresh rate. Vizio has released this TV set to prove that they are a high quality company. Before the Vizio P602ui-B3, they were known to only produce low quality TV’s. Besides its huge size, the TV features impressive 4K images, and a new range of TV apps to make the user experience more interactive.

Features to look for in a 4K TV

Price: This is should be the first detail a buyer should take in consideration. 4K TV buyers should keep in mind that the 4K TV market is still new, and prices do not always reflect the quality of the product.

Connectivity: The most important connectivity port a TV should have is the HDMI one. Keep your eyes peeled for USB and HDMI ports, because you will need them to be able to fully enjoy the 4K experience.

Clarity: Most 4K TVs have the same resolution, the difference is the clarity their pixels provide. And clarity is the main reason people choose to switch their old TVs sets to a 4K one.

Display: There are three main display technologies available at the moment, the LED, LED-LC and OLED. It has not yet been decided which one provides the clearest picture. LG is the only known company that produces OLED TV’s that provide its user with a clearer picture rather than LED-LCD’s, and for this reason LG TVs are not cheap.

One of the beast features that a 4K TV brings is that its picture quality does not change with its size. A smaller 4K TV is going to provide the same quality level that a huge 60-inch one brings And remember that the most important feature to look for when choosing a TV in the end is going to always be the price.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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