The Best 2017 has to offer in terms of DSLR

Nikon D810

The digital camera market has been getting more competitive with each year and new manufacturers are joining in the competition each year. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since all camera manufactures have moved from creating compact cameras over to the more technologically advanced DSLR ones. What makes DLSR cameras so special is the fact that they allow users to change lenses according to their circumstances and get full control on the camera’s exposure. Another great thing about DSLR cameras according to, is they can be used by both professional and amateur photographers. Today we’re going to go over the best 2017 has best offer in terms of DSLR cameras and see which one is worth the title of being the best.

Nikon D810

Nikon is the most recognizable name in the camera industry and there’s a good reason for that. The company is renowned for always creating high-end cameras, especially DSLR cameras. What really makes Nikon’s D810 model stand out from the rest is the fact that it’s equipped with a large 36.3MP full frame image sensors that’s able to capture images in a bunch of different formats including TIFF, JPEG or even RAW. Nikon’s camera features a very advanced autofocus system that’s been optimized to its full potential thus giving users the ability to snap pictures in a quick burst at 5 and 7 frames per second.

Shooting options are more generous and include selectable frame rates: 60/30/24p HDMI output, compressed video, zebra pattern, measurement based on highlights. Additionally, the device’s battery life is actually really good and last but not least Nokia D810 is one of the most customizable user interfaces. The DSLR camera can be acquired from Amazon at the hefty price of $2,769.95.

Canon EOS 5Ds

Canon EOS 5DS R is an extremely robust DSLR device, offering outstanding performance and is especially designed for professional photographers, regardless of their field of activity: studio photography, photo reportage or events.

Canon is the second most popular DSLR manufacturer worldwide and it’s obviously Nikon’s biggest competitor. Canon took the digital camera market by storm this year when it launched its highly expensive Canon EOS 5Ds DSLR camera. This camera is something truly outstanding and the picture quality it’s able to provide is something special. Canon EOS 5Ds features a resolution of 50.6MP and it ships with both SD and CF memory card slots but that’s not all. The camera is also able to snap pictures at 5 frames per second in the RAW format and it has a 61 point autofocus system. This camera is priced at $3,699.00 and it’s certainly a top pick for every professional photographer.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Canon EOS Rebel T6i

This is another offering by Canon and this one isn’t as expensive as the previous one. Canon EOS Rebel T6i has been designed with one purpose in mind, to give customers the option of acquiring a mid-ranged priced camera that’s able of snapping high-quality pictures. Canon has made a bunch of Rebel cameras available throughout the years and it’s safe to say that these are some of the most popular devices ever. The EOS Rebel T6i is the latest one to be included in the Rebel lineup and it presents a bunch of major improvements over its predecessors. This DSLR camera features a resolution of 24.2MP and it has 33 percent more resolution in comparison with its predecessor. As previously mentioned, this DSLR is an entry-level gadget and because of that its priced at $749 on Amazon.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. Thanks For Sharing Best Camera On This Time . I suffer Many sites but i dont see best camera like you.
    Canon EOS 5Ds Is my best and fav camera i want to buy it.

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    Very Nice Camera.. I want to Buy It.

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    Canon EOS Rebel T6i is Best . because it have more picture Quality and Good in Price. Canon is the King of Market.

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    This is another offering by Canon and this one isn’t as expensive as the previous one

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  7. Canon EOS Rebel T6i in amazon priced $749 body only no lense

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    Beautiful Camera that take beautiful picture like zoom blur...

  10. Very good news for the world of photografy. Expensive too, but...:)

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    DSLR Cameras are now going famous day by day. Nikon and Canon are top companies who making DSLR Cameras.I Suggest you to Purchase those cameras because they are best.

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    Both the dslr are good but chosing between these two dslr is based on the user .Canon gives a filtered picture with make the captured picture very presentable without any editing process but Nikon captures the raw picture which after editing process will look good .My suggesition would be nikon is for experts and canon is for beginners .

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