Sony QX10, A Pocket Camera For Your Mobile Phone

The idea of ​​a performance increase of mobile cameras with external goals is not new to iPhone users having part of a series of accessories of this type. Unlike manufacturers who focused only on optical Sony had the idea of ​​launching not only a goal, but an almost complete camera that can be attached to an Android or iOS smartphone and controlled by it.


Presentation and construction

Released along with the more powerful, but also more costly QX100 model, Sony QX10 is a compact camera. With it, Sony hopes to attract mobile phone users who are not too excited about the idea of ​​wearing it as a camera, but still want to take pictures better than those obtained with the mobile phone. In addition, they can benefit from the contribution of a not insignificant optical zoom lens.

Based on the compact Sony WX200, from which incorporates the lens and the CMOS sensor to 1/2, 3" and 18 PM, QX10, however, is a more compact product. The manufacturer gave up screen flash and most of the control buttons. When closed, the QX10 is a cylinder with a diameter of 61 mm and a height of 40 mm (with universal bracket attached), something which, combined with the weight of 165 grams makes it easy to slip into your pocket. Construction is one of good quality, outer case and buttons are made ​​of a plastic material with a soft non-slip texture and the frame and lens body is made of anodized aluminum.

The symmetry of the cylinder shell is broken only by a base on the bottom. It hosts a thread for tripod attachment system while being flat and located such that it allows placing the camera on a stable surface. In this way it can be used remotely via wireless connection with which it binds to the smartphone. In addition to the universal grip package, Sony offers two optional protective covers for Xperia Z and Xperia Z1, in which QX10 can be attached easily.

QX10 offers a much smaller number of buttons than a compact camera. Beyond the power button, QX10 also offers a button to trigger a battery status indicator and potentiometer control Power Zoom lens focal length, plus stereo microphone slots and Micro USB connector for charging.

Under the removable cover, Sony has placed the battery with a capacity of 630 mAh, virtually the same as the WX200 camera on which the product was developed, and doubles the slot for MicroSD/Memory Stick Micro.


  • Sensor: 1/2.3" 18.2MP Exmor R
  • Objective: G-Lens, 4.45 to 44.5 mm (27.5 - 275mm 35mm equivalent),
  • Battery: 630 mAh, 200 shots autonomy
  • Card slot : MicroSD/Memory Stick Micro
  • Connectivity : NFC, Wi-Fi

Features and options

Sony QX10 is compatible with smartphones running on Android 4.x and iOS. To establish the link with the mobile phone which will control it, QX10 includes a wireless access point. If you have an NFC device, the initial connection is commonplace, other mobile users must manually connect to this Wi-Fi access point. After making the connection, camera control is done via the Sony Play Memories offering a viewfinder and controls necessary to adjust the few settings. Was conducted to test the iPhone 4S smartphone.

Sony QX10 keeps all snapshots and videos captured on the internal memory card, which can be transferred to your phone automatically or on demand. By default, local transfer application images with a resolution of 2 megapixels, suitable for quick sharing on Facebook or Instagram, but this behavior can be changed and receive images directly from the original size of 18 MP. Camera does not necessarily require MicroSD card for photo capture. Video clips are not transferred to the phone memory while being carried or immediately after. They can be removed from the card from the smartphone only from Media Browser of the Play Memories Application.

Application modes offered by Play Memories are extremely low, only Sony offers two automatic modes, Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto, and a semi-automatic Program. The difference between the first two is almost zero, the second with the addition of just combining three sequential frames to obtain better images (theoretically) in low light and semi-automatic mode is extremely limited because it provides only control and lack of exposure compensation adjustments necessary to adjust shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and aperture.

The software also provides options to just detect faces, white balance control and delayed onset, the palette is clearly lower than that offered by an ordinary compact camera. Transferring Images between QX10 and the phone to which it is connected is fast.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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