Sony DSC-HX50V – When You Need 30x Optical Zoom In Your Pocket

Until recently, a 30x optical zoom lens was found on a pretty high camera. The term used was "bridge", a device that seemed to make the connection between compacts and DSLR's, although it did not fit into any of these categories. The most recent example that I can give is also a model from Sony, specifically HX200V. Despite the size, this is a very pleasant camera to use. Now we can present you the latest model with 30x optical zoom. Compared to the above, Sony HX50V fits in a large pocket.

Sony DSC-HX50V


This camera is a compact by definition. Its length is less than 11 cm, and when it is closed, the right lens thickness to 38 mm. It is true that Sony HX50V weighs about 300g, but for a high length you need a lot of glass in the lens. Camera body is metal in the front and is characterized by a rubber grip. The manufacturer did not bother to color it in color casing and the resulting effect is a pleasant one. While not up to the closed objective the grip offers a decent support.

Those with long fingers will have little difficulty in keeping the camera firmly in hand.

The upper panel of Sony HX50V surprises us with two rollers. One is for shooting modes, and the second compensates for exposure. The power button is easily accessible and the shutter button and scroll wheel around it are classic. HX50V Sony's flash is integrated into the housing.

On the side next to the lens we find a hole for the camera speaker. On the opposite side, in a plastic plug is the microUSB. It can be used for connecting to Sony HX50V the computer or charging the battery. It is firmly in place on the bottom side of the device, along with slot for SD/MS. Near tripod mounting system we find the second jack of the camera, the micro HDMI.

On its behind we find a very popular layout of the buttons. It stands out a special area for the location of the thumb, next to the button to shoot. The screen has five light level, is very visible in daylight and viewing angles are excellent. In principle, an ordinary user will not feel the need for a folding screen.


  • Sensor: 20.4 MP, 1/2.3" Exmor R BSI-CMOS
  • Photo resolution: 5184x2920,
  • Values ​​ISO: 100 - 3200 (6400, 12800 extended)
  • Lens: Sony G 24-720 mm (35 mm), 11 items
  • Focus: 5 cm macro
  • Display: 3", 921k dot, Xtra Fine
  • Video: 1920x1080, 50/25 fps, AVCHD


Those who enjoy to have found a very compact camera with 30x optical zoom should understand that there is an important trade-off here: the sensor is very small. More specifically CMOS sensor of 1/2, 3" from HX50V has dimensions of 6.2 mm x 4.5 mm. This would not necessarily be a huge problem, but the people at Sony have decided to put 21.1 MP (20.4 MP effective) on a sensor as the little finger nail. It must be said that not all compact cameras manufacturers do the same. Olympus decided at one point that the average user does not need more than 12 MP, and a good part of its compact or mirrorless models stopped here.

Another equipment to be mentioned in the case of HX50V is optical image stabilization system. We are already familiar with Sony's SteadyShot, but in this case it is very effective.

The front camera is equipped with a WiFi module. It connects to a router or an application installed on the mobile phone and is used to transfer images and videos. This is useful for those who want to share images quickly. After you have made a picture, bring it into your phone and you can post it on Facebook, Twitter or other social network.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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