SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ MP3 Player Review

In comparison with apple iPods and other MP3 players, SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ Mp3 player comes with attractive features without drilling a whole in the consumer’s pocket. Fuze+, SanDisk’s updated version of 2008 Sansa Fuze+ comes in various sizes. A 4GB Fuze+ is available at the cost of $89, whereas the 8GB and 16GB Fuze + cost only $79 and $119.In terms of its video form, SanDisk has out passed the performance of iPod nano and several others. Why crave for an iPod shuffle when you can get something more from SanDisk while spending less?

Its design

Let’s start with the measurement. The black shiny device measured 3.1” by 1.9” along with 0.3” HWD. At a glance, it will look like a new IPod nano. The device is bit large, and the size is bit bigger than normal cell phone. Generally, you are not supposed to expect this quality from any other portable MP3 player. The upper portion of the front panel has been occupied with a 320-by-240 pixel screen of 2.4 inch width. Below the screen, you will find the touch pad, which consists of an arrow towards the back, a pause/play button and a cross-shaped and four-way controller. These all have been printed on a surface in silver color that guides your finger to the right direction. On the upper panel, you will find the power button and the microSDHC slot and the volume control resides on the left side. The 3m.m headphone jack resides on the base of the panel. The ear buds work much better than average ear buds and they fit in properly.

The working Systems

The system of the device works on this particular software. SanDisk sansa Fuze+ MP3 is supported with Linux operating, windows xp (service pack) and Mac OS x 10.3. You can also avail windows media player 10 from this device. You can Access internet from your Fuze + Mp3 player to download songs or different software. The 2.0 USB port gives you high speed and it can also be used for charging the battery of the player. The accessories, you will get with the device includes a card that contains thirty free downloads from e- music.

How does it perform

The touch pad below the screen of SanDisk sansa Fuze+ Mp3 player works equally like the touch pad  of iPod shuffle. SanDisk build all the things very simply and apart from its navigation annoyance, it offers quite user-friendly services. The play back screen shows of the album information in detail, the information pops up in bright color and in a reasonable size which is enough to counter the outer curve of the new (square shaped ) iPod nano. The most exciting fact about the device is that it includes an EQ setting, which one can squeeze according to his or her preference, a feature that is hardly found in any other Apple MP3 players.

SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ mp3 player looks very gorgeous and you will have more interest in music, if you hear a tune from this MP3 player.


  • Low Price
  • Compact Design
  • Accepts microSDHC cards


  • Dingy looking screen
  • Blah interface

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  1. johnmary December 8, 2011

    the product is good and even affordable. How can people start requesting for purchase?

  2. emmerson December 9, 2011

    really worthwhile, very good! the price is great!

  3. waw it' very good

  4. wow.,SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ MP3 Player is the thing i was looking for but perhaps i prefer a white color and besides i really need bigger screen.thank you

  5. ¿Como se utiliza?

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