Roccat Kave – 5.1 Aound in a Comfortable Format

Usually the 5.1 sign is attached to a sound system with multiple speakers. It may position the sound in better space than a two-speaker system. It is strange to say that a pair of headphones are 5.1, but not for the first time. Pros need space to locate enemies by sound steps. As placing a 5.1 audio system around each player in a competition is not possible, there were headphones that simulate such a system.


Kave headphones are massive. The enclosures have an outside diameter of about 110 mm and support on the head is very wide. But these headphones are not overly heavy. Their long cable and a remote control on it are generous and a splitter which connectors are of four 3.5 mm jack and a USB jack. On the left is the microphone headset flexible and removable, illuminated in blue when the headset is active. Premises can be bent inwards so that the whole assembly to take an easy to pack. Unfortunately the premises do not rotate 90 degrees, as we see at the headphones for DJs. But they have a certain degree of freedom to fit any user.

Roccat Kave headphones are very comfortable, covered by a very thin leather, sewn by hand. They will cover very well most ears, offering an average level of soundproofing. On each helmet is visible three speakers with a diameter of 40 mm. With them there is a speaker of 30 mm, covering the lower range of low frequency vibration.

Roccat Kave

The support of the headphones has three square areas with sponges on their perimeter. According to the manufacturer, they help distribute weight evenly. In practice they will leave their mark on longer hair. I appreciated that the pressure on the area around the ear was for me very well determined. Headphones will not fall to a sudden movement of the head, but allow for a very long time of wearing. Only after three hours of play I felt the need to give off the ears. After a pause of several minutes they sat two hours without problems. But I do not recommend those who wear glasses these headphones. Although the upper pavilion of the ear is not pressed by its sponges, they click in the head where the frame of the glasses should go.


Speakers (per helmet) 3 x 40 mm, 1 x 30 mm

Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (40 mm), 20-100 Hz (30 mm)

SPL at 1 kHz: 114 dB + -3 dB

Microphone: yes, unidirectional, removable

Cable length: 3.4 m (2 m remote-PC)

Audio quality

Roccat Kave can function as a regular pair of headphones. That would be a waste of potential, however there may be occasions when the audio source is stereo only. USB port connector bundle is used to power the headphones and remote control.

Per assemblies, Roccat Kave headphones are slightly above average when it comes to sound quality. The voice is very little affected and sometimes sounds slightly muffled. High are fairly well defined, but not always seen. In stereo mode, the bass is ok.

I must repeat that Roccat kave are very comfortable, except for those who are forced to wear glasses. The wire headset remote includes a switch between Game and Movie modes. I noticed that the best sound is obtained in Movie mode. It favors medium frequencies, the voice. In Game mode, treble are slightly favored, being those that can best an enemy position in space.


Roccat kave is a good solution for a player who wants a 5.1 audio compressed into a pair of headphones. Along with the advantage that it can provide the game, the strength of this pair of headphones is having a comfortable construction. You'll be able to keep your ears for hours and will not mind at all. For a player who needs to focus on the game, this is very important. Audio quality does not excel, but will not disappoint. In addition, they can be used for watching movies with a 5.1 sound.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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