Philips Net TV with Video-On-Demand (VOD)

From your lousy seat  ordering a movie "on demand" , is nothing new. What is new is that there are finally more companies exploring this market. That creates in the first place a broader offer, but is maybe the start of a battle of convincing the viewer, where promotion offers in Dolby Surround are very common nowadays. After the pioneers work from Microsoft, that since a while offers Xbox360 users to rent movies, it is this time Philips that makes a move in the VOD Market. The company does that by integrating the complete supply of Videoland in their "Net Tv", the name for internet services that you can see on several Philips televisions. So old screens with "Net Tv" do not qualify for this service. VOD is only available on television systems from the 7000, 8000 or 9000 LED-Series. Just as with their competitors, the video material is offered in standard definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). In the last case you don't only pay an extra price for the movie, but it is advised to take a more expensive internet plan without download limits. Other plans can ruin the viewing experience pretty quick.

Starting price at €799

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  1. Shirish July 29, 2011

    nice info

  2. i think there is no need of desktop or laptops in future

  3. it is a nice product

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