Sony Walkman F800 Review

Many buyers of music systems carried the impression that Sony; once venerable player in the market has moved on from the music player production. They were however proved wrong with Sony chipping in with its F800 Walkman and reviving the old fire.

Of course; the term ‘Walkman’ is a revival of the past and leads one down the memory lane when the view of people, especially the younger ones moving around with earplugs attached to the walkman in their hand on the streets or travelling in the car, bus, or trains. It had already become a phenomenon. With the rapid growth of mobile devices and cell phones with similar facilities for listening as well as recording music, Walkmans started taking backseat and their revival seems a little bizarre when the market is dominated by iPods and Androids.

Sony Walkman F800 Review

People in Sony clearly understand this and what they have come up is no less than a virtual wonder. F800 is a digital device that runs of Android and has a familiar interface. At the same time it has full access to Google Play as well as the Sony’s music unlimited. E470; also in the series runs on the Sony’s operating system though the designs are hardly new.

A natural question that will crop up is whether the new devices developed by Sony can any way challenge the iPod. Apple is clearly at the helm of the digital players in the world but it seems that Sony is bent upon throwing serious challenges to the virtual king of the era with their F800 series running on Android. Only problem is that with the growth of smart phones, the necessity of having a standalone music system has come down substantially and whether Sony will see any great success with their new device; only time will say.

As a device the F800 has sharp corners and slim profile and inherits a lot from the erstwhile Sony Ericsson Walkman phones and recently dropped Android Xperia devices. Neither highly exciting nor totally uncreative, the device has 3.5 inch long display and on screen music buttons or the standard Android touch controls. Access to the interface is easy for people that have already used the Android phones.

Operating system in the device; the Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich is not yet very well known. Hopefully the Sony OS will augur well for the ultimate users. A Tegra 2 dual core processor is inside that lets things run smoothly.

Sony Walkman F800 Review

Great feature of F800 is that it supports a full range of audio as well as video codecs that includes MP3, AAC, WMA, AVC (H.264), HE-AAC, PCM, WMV, MPEG 4, and also the FLAC. Quality of audio compression is very good and compression does not end up in loss of quality. It also has S-Master digital amplifier, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and such other facilities along with a pair of MDR Ex0300E ear buds.

Decent and original set of features in the F800 with the price range of $269-$299 depending on memory sizes and promised battery life of 20 hours for audio and 4.5 hours for video and memory in the range of 16-32GB, the device is well made without crossing the capability boundaries.


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  1. S.Alam Tamal August 3, 2012

    nice model for music lovers.

    • Oh this phone seems pretty good,because it isn't expensive as others and still has good quality

    • "A natural question that will crop up is whether the new devices developed by Sony can any way challenge the iPod"

      - Well lets hope so that it can:)

  2. Priyan Peiris August 5, 2012

    Great piece of device

  3. Great piece of device

  4. Shimon Mahmud August 6, 2012

    I would like to have this music phone in my hand. iPod or iPhone is too much expensive as hell. Sony walkman is good enough as a music device. I love sony walkman rather than iPod. I think F800 is pretty smart too.

  5. andreiamsantos August 6, 2012

    seems to be a good unit.

  6. Great piece with latest features supports almost all type of video and audio formats good video quality Great to have this type of model..

  7. ish1993 August 7, 2012

    i love this walkman.

  8. its cool to know about sony this walky f800 i loe the features

  9. medhat2011 August 8, 2012

    cooool great device

  10. I wish I had the Sony Walkman F800 me. Iphone is expensive, the iPod also.

  11. very mobile with good features.liked it

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  16. swatasss August 10, 2012

    nice phone not only for music lovers but for all who loves not big phones that has many good functions inside of it 🙂

  17. gud...but the touch captive power is little bit less

  18. Nikolay Kosturkov August 11, 2012

    Pretty cool design and very functional

  19. kira151 August 11, 2012

    I love this...

  20. todorka87 August 11, 2012

    Sony Walkman is top

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  25. Pedro Vasconcelos August 12, 2012

    Great phone, wish i have one. The phones is the same they came with my l19i, and they are great.

  26. nice . I'm thinking of buying it..

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  28. yaswanthch07 August 13, 2012

    great piece for music lovers

  29. yaswanthch07 August 13, 2012

    It's good one coming from sony

  30. lavanya August 13, 2012

    Nice piece.

  31. nice unit of sony

  32. Muhammad Bilal Ghaffar August 14, 2012

    Really nice Walkman launched by Sony.I like it.. 🙂

  33. milfthanos12 August 14, 2012

    Nice model for music lovers and Great quality!

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  35. adewole samson August 14, 2012

    if it aint sony it aint nothing . nice device for music lovers

  36. waigwengera August 15, 2012

    its awesome...u av your music on the walk...

  37. Farhad Hassan August 15, 2012

    wow sony has made something really cool for music this time. Would certainly wanna buy it.

  38. Nice model for music lovers.

  39. jahangir465 August 16, 2012

    nice model 4 music lovers

  40. prisonbreat August 17, 2012

    its awesome work with song store.

  41. sivaraman August 17, 2012

    hats off to sony to produce handset like this with high quality.

  42. since my younger days Sony products serves well...and due to consumers urge to find more durable products Sony enhance their own on the market

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  44. danushka81 August 19, 2012

    I think it is better option for music lovers

  45. ermalyk August 20, 2012

    it's good

  46. Coconut coffee August 21, 2012

    Oh, I really like Sony. My cirrent mp3 player is of that brand and I have to say I love it. Very nice quality. And this walkman here is so pretty, lol! Love the design, and such a great review. Maybe I'll consider it for my next walkman... but Sony products are pretty durable, so it may have to wait, lol!

  47. stantrtr August 21, 2012

    awesome phone!

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  50. Nedelcu Denis August 24, 2012

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  62. EmoneyOnline September 25, 2012

    Sony best in the world for music...Nice model for music lovers.

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