Sony E Series Walkman MP3 Player – An affordable no-nonsense MP3 player

Sony E Series Walkman MP3 Player with 2 inch TFT display and 4 GB/ 8 GB/ 16 GB internal storage options comes with basic video support. The player measures 45 x 96.8 x 10 mm and the 2 inch TFT colour display with white LED-backlight supports 320 X 240 pixels. The 4 GB model priced at very competitive $79.99 provides it a definitive edge on the others. The 8 GB model is priced at $89.99 whereas the 16 GB model is priced at $109.99. The closest iPod rival Nano with 8GB storage is priced at $129 and comes with 1.54 inch TFT display.

Hardware and design:  The build of the player is plastic but it doesn’t look cheap. The design is attractive and very user friendly. On the front there is a 2 inch screen on the upper half and physical buttons for playback control on the bottom half. The player comes with standard play/pause, navigation buttons, Back/Home button and Option/PWR Off button. Physical button are easy to operate even when the player is placed in your pocket as compared to touch sensitive buttons in other players. The player has a 3.5 mm audio jack on the bottom edge along with the USB port and a microphone.

Interface: The Sony Walkman interface is fairly simple and intuitive. The home screen presents a list of options including music playback, video playback, FM player, Karaoke, voice recording, view photos, setting, playlists and  a play now option. Transferring media to the player is very simple and one can simply drag and drop the files to the player after connecting it via USB.

Sound quality: Sony has always been known for its sound quality and the E series doesn’t disappoint as well. The music quality is crystal clear and balanced. The player provides a variety of options to play with sound output. It supports a 5 band equalizer with 6 presets. It also comes with simulated surrounding options including Studio, Live, Club, Arena and Matrix. When it comes to audio quality Sony E-series MP3 player is a real winner.

Sony E Series Walkman MP3 Player

Other Features: The player comes with various features such as Karaoke, FM player, podcasts, multi-language display, etc.  The player supports MP4 and WMV video playback. The video display on the small screen is suited only for watching small videos. Photos on the screen look bright and clear. The player supports JPG format.

Pros: The Sony E series Walkman player provides a brilliant audio output and a simple interface all at a very affordable price.

Cons: The Sony E series Walkman player lacks the file type support for videos and photos. The physical buttons presents an outdated design with the lack of touch interface as in other modern players.

Bottom Line: The Sony E series Walkman player delivers what it is designed for and that too at a very affordable price. The sound quality is brilliant, the 2 inch display is clear and the interface is user friendly. If you are not interested in watching video, the Sony E series Walkman is your best bet considering the price it is available for.

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  1. ismailjayed June 30, 2012

    walkman's shape,sound quality are so preferable to me:)
    to me sony's sound quality is the best!

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    wow! love to have one of that

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    It's awesome!

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    it seems a nice mp3 player..will surely want to have it.. 🙂

  9. Joseph Michael L. De Leon July 3, 2012

    Very nice phone! 🙂 just a thought why didnt they make the play/ pause buttons touch screen buttons?? Plus you get a bigger screen of they did that.

  10. Rukon July 4, 2012

    very nice phone i will try to buy it

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    it look so good, i like it

  13. chanas July 4, 2012

    it looks so good and Sound quality is perfect

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    Nice Mp3 And Nice Desgin Thank you !

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  27. tubular July 9, 2012

    I'm LITERALLY listening to music on one of these IRGHT NOW its really good!

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    When it comes to quality and branding, nothing beats SONY!

  35. Whats the price of this walkman in India?

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