New Era of MP3 Player Begins With Cowon D3 Plenue

Android is the buzz creating word over the internet because of the unexpected performance of the operating system. Now, even in smaller devices the technology is being used to help these things to work faster and better. Perhaps this is the reason that the new Cowon D3 plenue MP3 player signifies a new era because it is probably the pocket size MP3 player to use that advanced software.

Apart from the Android operating system, the AMOLED type touchscreen display that has the resolution of 480x800 pixels, the Wi-Fi facility, Bluetooth connectivity, inbuilt microphone and speaker all these features are mentionable. What is a plus for this player is that it supports both video and audio formats where users can play the HD version of compressed video directly. However, this much information about the advanced MP3 player is not enough to decide whether you should pay for it or not. Therefore, here comes more info on its features, technology and others.

Cowon D3 Plenue

Technical Features in Short:

Let’s have a look at the special features of Cowon D3 plenue and then we will discuss about its other specialties in brief:

  1. The file system of the player is NTFS type and it comes with a Micro SDHC type slot
  2. The Li-Poly type battery work in part for different accessories of the player like 21h audio, 10h video, 7h for USB charging and 3.5h is for AC charging(at least the manufacturers claim so)
  3. Additional hardware application available with the device are 2.1+EDR type Bluetooth, FM radio, Voice recorder, G-Sensor, two individual speakers, vibrating alarm etc.
  4. The player can gain up to 1080 p of video resolution
  5. The player supports these video formats like DAT, TS, 3GP, TRP, MKV, MPG, MP4/ MAV etc.
  6. Soft buttons used in the player are menu, back and home.
  7. AC Charger, Earphones, Printed manual, Software, USB cable these accessories are available with the box on  the MP3 player

The Design Fact:

Cowon D3 Plenue

If you like to use technical devices that are both beautiful and functional, this MP3 player will move you. The credit though goes to its manufacturers, Cowon because it kept the design classy, but understated. High quality ABS type plastic dents have been used to manufacture it’s housing that keep the device safe from bumps and scratches. You have different feelings when you touch the rubber made backside of the MP3 player. To protect the AMOLED screen from impacts and scratches a kind of Gorilla glass has been used at front side. The screen tone of the MP3 player is medium quality and it neither looks to yellow nor too orange.

The Audio System:

The audio system of the player has been developed using Android applications (Music) and the matrix browser is the main attraction of the system. The audio system has the capacity to change the screen background according to the album that is being played on the back screen. Patented tempo change and AB-repeat facility of Cowon’s are available. It gives enough sound because of the Rockbox facility used in the device. However, it needs mentioning in this regard that the player doesn't have any integrated audio track.


  1. The Cowon D3 plenue can record functions in radio and line in.
  2. It supports both MP3 and lossless music
  3. The MicroSD slot gives expandable capacity
  4. The HDMI output is praiseworthy


  1. The hold function is still of no use because it can't stop the functionality of external buttons
  2. Radio technology is not up to the mark because while using this application it is not possible to move to the background screen
  3. Maximum volume is not that loud.

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