Multiple New Features in Apple iPod Nano 2012

Apple iPod Nano 2012 comes with multiple new features like 2.5 inch multi touch display 16 GB of memory and Bluetooth compatibility. At the same time, the providers have kept the price reasonable.

Apple’s iPod Nano is neither new nor less popular but the new version of it Apple iPod Nano 2012 comes with various new features like 2.5 inch multi touch display, extended memory of 16 GB, and Bluetooth compatibility. Best part of it is that the product that is likely to be available in the market in October this year comes at an announced price of $149. It is obviously a boon for the users getting so many features at such prices.

Shift of Focus

Apple is now shifting its focus to iPod because of the recent down trend in the iPhone5 that was hitherto the star product of Apple. With the shift of focus, the company is now coming up with Apple iPod Nano 2012. While the iPod has already passed seven generations, this latest version is fresh with multiple innovative and attractive features.

Apple iPod Nano 2012

Refreshed Features

Now Apple iPod Nano 2012 will be having various refreshed features. One of them is 38% thinner profile as well as a thickness of 5. 4mm that is thinner than most of the predecessors. In addition; the multi touch screen that is used in the new version of iPod sports a home button just below the screen making it easier for the user to navigate the device. Another evolutionary feature is the FM tuner with functionalities like the DVR that helps the control of playback. It also has a Bluetooth radio for wireless streaming support along with inbuilt pedometer and slimmed lighting dock connector that makes it highly innovative and efficient.

Longest Lasting Nano

According to reviews conducted by Cupertino, the media player; Apple iPod Nano 2012, have the running time of 30 hours, the longest ever in the family of iPods and that makes it the longest lasting device that has been built by Apple. So far, as color combination is concerned, the device offers seven colors almost like a rainbow. Invariably, the iPod is world’s most innovative music player with ultra-thin design with amazing new features.

Thinnest iPod Touch

New Apple iPod Nano 2012 is the thinnest among all the iPod provided by Apple, and it features highly brilliant 4-inch RetinaTM display besides megapixel iSight® camera and 1080HD video recording capabilities. Ultra-thin as well as light anodized design built with aluminum for the first time, the device is available in five vibrant colors.

Apple iPod Nano 2012

Internal Features

Internally, the device contains A5 chip of Apple, intelligent assistant of Siri®, and iOS6 which is considered by many as the most advanced operating system in the world that is used for such devices.

Add to this the seven vibrant colors, incredibly long battery life that gives 40 hours of music playback and 8 hours of video playback and various other new features like video image stabilization, LED flash, as well as face detection that can capture gorgeous features; and you cannot help being impressed with Apple iPod Nano 2012.

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